Sports Safety Tips for Your Kids

Let your children run around outside, play sports, and get exercise. It’s good for them in so many ways, both physically and emotionally.

Keep these tips in mind to help them avoid injuries so they can stay in the game.

1. Get a pre-season checkup.

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Take your child to see their pediatrician before they start a sport. The doctor can give them a physical exam and make sure they are good to go.

2. Pick the right team.

It shouldn’t just be based on age. Children who are small for their age can get injured if they try to play at a level they’re not ready for.

Instead, teams should consider the kids’ weight, size, and skill, especially if they're going to play contact sports like football or basketball.

3. Meet the leaders.

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Take an interest in the coaches and the space where your kids play. Get to know them and how they'd handle an injury if one happened.

4. Check the field and gear.

Before your child gets out on the playing field, take a look to see if it’s in good shape. Does it have holes where someone could trip?

Also check on any equipment your child wears or uses. It needs to be the right size and fit well. And the kids need to know how to use it.

5. Don't let them "play through the pain."

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Never allow your child to keep competing or training if they're hurt. Always get them medical care. Then they'll need time to recover, so they can get back to the activity they love.

They also needs to take a break if they get tired during a game.

6. Keep it fun.

Let your child choose the sport they want to play. If they aren’t into it anymore, let them stop.

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