Pool & Spa Hazards for Children

Every home pool, spa, or hot tub needs "house rules" that cover supervision, behavior, dangers, maintenance, use of electrical appliances, and handling of chemicals. These house rules -- for children and adults alike -- must be established immediately, written in simple language, and posted where they are easy to see.

The home owner has the bottom-line responsibility for safety while entertaining. Use good judgment to help protect yourself, your family, and your guests.

Here are some simple precautions to ensure that your good times are safe times.

Hot Tub and Spa Safety

Follow these precautions in keeping your hot tub or spa safe:

  • No playful screaming for help (false alarms) that might mask a real emergency
  • No running or pushing near the spa or hot tub
  • No diving or jumping into a spa or hot tub
  • No playing on top of the hot tub cover; they do not support a child's weight.

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