IODINE - Uses, Side Effects, and More

Amiodarone (Cordarone) interacts with IODINE

Amiodarone contains iodine. Taking iodine supplements along with amiodarone might increase the levels of iodine in the blood. Too much iodine in the blood can cause side effects that affect the thyroid.

Lithium interacts with IODINE

Large amounts of iodine can decrease thyroid function. Lithium can also decrease thyroid function. Taking iodine along with lithium might decrease thyroid function too much. Do not take large amounts of iodine if you are taking lithium.

Medications for an overactive thyroid (Antithyroid drugs) interacts with IODINE

Iodine can increase or decrease thyroid function. Taking iodine along with medications for an overactive thyroid might change the effects of these medications. Do not take iodine supplements if you are taking medications for an overactive thyroid, unless recommended by a healthcare provider.

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