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I have fibromyalgia. I am post surgical X's 4 right shoulder after work injury. Arthritis - PAINFUL! left foot neuroma surgery... geesh the list is pathetic. Includes digestive issues as well as diverticulitis. after moths of research to try and get OFF some of these crazy ass meds. I came across "Cold pressed Black seed oil" and read for quite some time. I finally ordered and I am HAPPY to repor...

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I was looking for a natural treatment for psoriasis and exczema. Used it for a month but no results. Just a ton of burping. This natural herb may help some people but not most. My wife have been taking it but she's not seeing any positive results and thinks it's mostly in your head. Marijuana has been proven more effective but I don't take it. It's better to just eat well and exercise vs. being l...

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