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My dr. Suggested that I try rhodiola. So far I've only taken fr a few days but I feel different. First great benefit,, I had several good nights sleep. I dont feel as irritable and fatigued. Before taking it I felt edgy and mentally fatigued. I seemed to have lost my patience for mundane questions. I was snappy. Now I feel more energy and an overall happiness. I push my body quit a bit...

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I decided to give Rhodiola try because I have been very fatigued from intestinal problems and very stressed for various reasons. 1st day I took Rhodiola, I was very nervous and jittery, and was unable to fall asleep. I had to take something to go asleep. I took Rhodiola for 3 days to give it a try but felt same way so on 4th day I took 1 pill in a.m. and none mid day. I felt worst than the previou...

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