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I took VR because I heard it will help me sleep, and less anxious. I was taking meds from the Dr for depression and anxiety and want to wean off. VR half an hour before bed works for me. I also give it to my daughter when she is having difficulty sleeping and it works for her too. No bad effects for any of us. Recommend taking 2 capsules half an hour before going to bed. You will get a good ...

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After trial and error (I had been taking different things to sleep at the same time sometimes) I tried solely Valerian Root, at the recommended dose on bottle (2,100mg) (I had been taking half that with a unisom, or sometimes half a Valium, and always magnesium, and sometimes prescribed vistaril instead of unisom antihistamine) and BAM I realized why I felt like such crap in the morning - headache...

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