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1 Box - Alcachofivida Artichoke With 10 Ampoules is the name of the product. I started taking to loose weight. In the first 2 weeks of use I lost 6 pounds. In the 3rd week I lost 4 pounds. I feel great with lots of energy. I get very thirsty and not really hungty. My husband lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks of use.He also gets very thirsty and not hungty. I had no idea it helped with all these other prob...

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I have not yet taken this supplement but I am curious to know of any other who have, who also get drunk everyday. I am not able to comment on other’s posts, so I am creating my own. What’s the deal with this? How many milligrams do you take? How often? What brand? What do you drink? How often? What do you eat? How often? Do you take any other medications? How often? What milligrams? Y’all are not ...

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