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My mother always gave me 2-3 large PEPPERCORNS, not some processed lab medicine. Go to the super market and get large BLACK PEPPERCORNS (no bigger than corn kernels) and take 2-3 for stomach upset. I don't always get stomach upset but when i do, i just take the peppercorns like i would any other pill. Works everytime!!! Best home remedy for stomach upset, never tried it for heartburn, maybe next t...

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I have been taking a product that contains black pepper extract as one of 6 ingredients to help with cortisol production. It has given me dyspepsia over the month that I have used it and was a bit scary because I never had heartburn this bad before. I was scared it was my heart or something. Pain in my chest, ribs, back and up into shoulder, even in to the ear.

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