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ishonest says not to take 5-HTP till more is known. However, the article is NOT dated! There was a scare about 5HTP in 1988 due to a contaminated batch from Japan, coming from the labs of Showa Denko caused 37 deaths and 1500 permanent disablements. Controversy at the time between big pharmas, the biotech and FDA resulted in a blanket ban of 5HTP. Pharmas would rather sell you the more expensive ...

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I have been diagnosed with depression and I didn't want to take any harsh medication, so I tried 5 HTP. Unfortunately I didn't look into it and when I would take it consecutively I would soon have random seizures, and I would black out. The seizures and black outs were not long, but I would have no idea it happened once I woke up. It was really scary. Please be very careful if you plan to take the...

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