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I reviewed this before but wanted to suggest those not having better results from the IP6 and Inositol take a therapeutic dose of 8-12 pills twice a day. this is what I have been taking for over a year and I am Cancer free so far. The maintenance dose of two pills twice a day is suggested for those without cancer and or other diseases as a preventative. I learned this from reading Dr. Shamsuddin's...

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After taking 2 tabs 2 times daily for 30 days, I developed 3 welts on my back. I stopped taking the tabs 3 weeks ago - I have had over 20 welts appear in varied locations. At present - I have 7 active welts, 1 of which has a blister. They itch and are very uncomfortable. As of now - 3 weeks later - I am wondering how much longer it will take for the supplement to get out of my system.

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