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I remember Belladonna in the 60's you know the little Teething Tablet, now some 54 yr.'s later I ran across it in a small Hispanic store, where they bring in some things from Mexico, I found this small bottle of Pomada de Belladonna Ointment the consistence of Vicks Rub.I use it on my knees & hand's to relieve pain from Arthritis and old knees, works great for relieving the pain.

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Belladonna is the third ingredient in Traumeel which is supposed to help with muscle pain. Belladonna is a toxic plant. Within seconds of taking Traumeel Drops (made from Belladonna) my tongue started going numb, my nose started twitching, I got very dizzy, and got a horrific stomach ache. This plant is pure poison. It was called the assassin drug in past history because it tastes sweet and ca...

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