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I contracted MRSA after being bit by fleas from the neighbors pets. I went to the doctor they prescribed antibiotics, my foot went numb and turned purple, so I went to the emergency room 2 days later. They gave me more antibiotic, it wasn't getting worse but it wasn't getting better. I went to the hospital again the doctors were concerned and I was supposed to go back in a few days if there wasn't...

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I wish I had never taken raw garlic. I only ate raw garlic on one single occasion, but regret ever taking it. I took it because I had had a tiny bit of diarrhoea the week before and then I thought I was constipated, and read online that raw garlic is good for digestion. I cut up a clove of garlic into tiny pieces and ate them with buttered toast. I experienced severe burning in my throat and stoma...

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