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I use Acacia Senegal for mild IBS and constipation. It has worked very effectively in relieving stomach/bowel discomfort and alleviating constipation. Started with a very small dose of 1/2 tsp per day 1X per day, then 1/2 tsp per day 2X per day but take 1 tsp now 2X per day now. This can cause cramping if too much is taken so start out very slowly. It has been a big help.I use Heather's tummy t...

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This additive to my medications caused a rash, allergic asthma, diarrhea, abdominal distress, and other. I also found this in fizzy drinks, ice cream and other foods. When I researched this additive and stopped all medications and food that used this additive, I immediately lost 20 pounds; quit bloating, asthma cleared, diarrhea stopped. I suffered for many years before I stumbled on this addit...

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