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I was prescribed this in SE Asia when my underarm glands rose as a result of hepatic insufficiency. It reversed the problem very rapidly (though of course, I can't say it wouldn't have occurred anyway, the coincidence was otherwise quite remarkable). I've continued to use it for hepatoprotection and symptom treatment for over-indulgence periodically since. No adverse reactions noticed. I don't...

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I've given it 3 stars because i haven't used it for long enough. But it's believed to help release the bodies natural HGH levels. So I plan to take it before I go to bed to aid in muscle and bone growth. I'm 18 so I might still have some bone growth within me. NOTE: I have taken L-arginine/L-Ornithine because that is how it's sometimes sold. The L- Arginine, acts as a blood flow pump for the bl...

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