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Comments & ratings on the side effects, benefits, and effectiveness of casein peptides.

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Bioactive Milk Peptides have been used and researched in Europe for years. They have helped me sleep through the night and wake up refreshed better than any other product I have tried. They lower cortisol levels as well. I am really thrilled with how well they work. I have no commercial interest in making this claim. Brand Product Used was Life Extension's Bioactive Milk Peptides.

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After taking Ameal Casein 5mg VPP IPP capsules once a day for almost 2 weeks, the opiate effect is probably what is causing me to beome sleepy and feeling as if my heart rate is slowing down, the same side effect I've had from blood pressure meds which I cannot and do not take. I'm taking no other Rx or natural supplement except Calcium and D3 following Parathyroid Adenoma surgery. I started Casei...

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