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Comments & ratings on the side effects, benefits, and effectiveness of inulin.

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I love the cleansing feeling and effortless movements that come after drinking psyllium fiber, but I don't love how gloopy and overly sweetened commonly available psyllium fiber products are. I especially dislike the "gotta-go-RIGHT- NOW" feeling that hits the morning after. My partner bought inulin fiber for me, not knowing there was any difference between fibers, and wow I really like this stuff!...

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It was AWFUL!!!! It made me physically ill. I had a terrible headache that lasted two days, horrible intestinal gas that was almost constant and it lasted four days, I had excruciating pain across the middle area of my back caused by the constant production of the excessive gas, I had an overly bloated stomach and gut from the excessive gas, I was unable to go out in public because of the "expl...

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