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I have Graves Disease which effects my eyes, swelling, light sensitivity, muscles of eyes. Since taking Selenium MY EYES ARE NOTICEABLY BETTER in regards to muscle eye coordination and swelling. I take 100 mcg twice a day. I also take 500mg of Bilberry for the light sensitivity. Wow! Great improvement. (Not cured, just a tremendous improvement). I hope someone will be able to use this informatio...

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I was poisoned taking this in a liquid vitamin, receiving 40,000mcg in a 1 ounce daily dose as compared to 70 mcg that is needed daily. Loss of hair, fingernails, malaise, diaherra, upset stomach, aches, sleepiness and the worst "blahs" imaginable are the result of this poisoning. It is not easily recognized or diagnosed by MD's. The symptoms are loss of hair and fingernails with red semi-circles...

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