Getting what You Want from a Baby Shower

As your pregnancy progresses, it's time to start thinking about registering for baby items and your baby shower.

Getting organized and putting together a well-planned registry can make the difference between getting the right baby gifts and having to take a lot of things to the return counter.

Items for the Baby Registry

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You'll want to register for a mix of items: some bigger and more expensive like strollers, mid-range items such as bouncy seats and mobiles, and smaller things including bottle racks and brushes. Some items that many new moms recommend for registries include:

  • Big-ticket items including strollers, swings, baby monitors, and portable playpens
  • Diaper bag
  • Baby slings or wrap carriers
  • Baby bathtub and bath accessories
  • A “snap-and-go” type of stroller that's light and folds easily and that you can just pop the car seat into. If you’re having twins, make it a double!
  • Nursing pillow. They make special ones designed for twins.
  • Bouncy seat
  • A white noise machine (some look like sheep or other cute animals)
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Portable, folding changing pads
  • Formula dispenser for feeding on the go, and a dishwasher container for washing bottle parts and pacifiers
  • Accessories including baby nail clippers, digital thermometer, baby wipes, and burp cloths
  • Mesh feeders. These handy things look like extra-large pacifiers and come with a screw-off net. You put a chunk of solid food, such as an avocado or peach, inside and screw the top back on, and babies who aren't yet ready for solid foods can suck to their heart's content and enjoy the taste.

Items to Buy Yourself

Unless you have very generous friends or family that you trust to help you buy exactly what you want in plenty of time, you should probably buy these items yourself:

  • Crib and nursery furniture
  • Car seat. Something this important to your baby's safety should be something you pick out and bring home with plenty of time to spare before you're due. You can't leave the hospital without it! Iif you opt to put this on the register, make sure you list the particular make and model you want.)
  • Breast pump and other breastfeeding products, such as nipple shields. Many people just feel weird about buying someone else's breast pump. If you’re expecting twins, check with a lactation consultant about what you’ll need. You may want to rent or buy a hospital-grade pump.

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