What is The Cervical Shield?

How Does the Cervical Shield Work?

This cup-shaped device is a “barrier method” of birth control for women. It’s made of silicone, and it covers the cervix so that sperm can’t get into the uterus.

The shield has a valve on it that creates suction when you insert it, to help it fit against the cervix.

How Do I Use It?

A woman should first put spermicide in it and then insert it into their vagina before sex. It must stay in place for at least 8 hours after intercourse.

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The shield has a loop on it to help with removal. You must take it out within 48 hours in order to avoid getting toxic shock syndrome.

How Effective Is the Cervical Shield?

It’s about 85% effective at preventing pregnancy. That means that in a typical year, 15 out of 100 women who use it will get pregnant.

How Do I Get One?

The device only comes in one size, so you don’t need to see your doctor to get fitted for one. But you will need a prescription for it.

Does the Cervical Shield Protect Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

No. The male latex condom provides the best protection from most STDs.

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