World Meetings with Lindner, Macron and State Leaders: These are The First Dates of Chancellor Scholz

"Anne Will": Spahn attacks Lindner - Baerbock wants hard measures for unvaccinated

Barely in office, even on trips: The first days on the job, the Federal busy. It's quite possible he that his government declaration postponing.

The new Chancellor's office and dignity: On Wednesday was elected the ninth chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Olaf Scholz of the Bundestag. The evening came the new Cabinet - the first traffic light coalition at the federal level - to its first and constitutive meeting .

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As Merkel bows out, Europe seeks new leader

As Merkel bows out, Europe seeks new leaderHer successor-in-waiting to lead Europe's biggest economy, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, as well as France's President Emmanuel Macron and Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi have all been touted as candidates to take over Merkel's mantle as the leader of Europe.

at the remaining days of the week, numerous dates for the new prime minister to. So even on his first full day as chancellor and official successor of long-term government leader Angela Merkel :

After several were made on Wednesday handover to the new office holders and owners in many ministries, the official handover of the former federal finance minister Scholz attached to his successor Christian Linder of the FDP for this Thursday.

At 9 am, the Bundestag holds its first meeting after the government takeover by the traffic light coalition together. It is not excluded that Scholz already hold his first speech as chancellor in parliament is . It is customary for the head of government after his election to write a policy statement of the government program. But that can wait a few more days. Scholz's predecessor, Angela Merkel gave her government statement in 2018 until a week after their election from.

'Eternal' chancellor: Germany's Merkel to hand over power

afternoon, the prime ministers come and Chairmen of countries together for their regular meeting at the chancellery. Later Scholz to the federal-state consultations is to be added. It is to the corona position , but also go to other topics with federal-respect. Only last week, a Prime Ministers' Conference (MPK) agreed with the former German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to further corona measures. Basic new decisions on this issue are not expected from the meeting.

Vaccine, Retirement, Purchasing Power ... Macron challenged on "daily" problems in Vierzon

Before the start to the weekend Scholz breaks expected to be his first foreign trip . He has already announced that he first to Emmanuel Macron to Paris wants . It has also made its predecessor Merkel. She was 16 years ago, the day after the swearing in succession in Paris and Brussels - and was accompanied by her Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD).

Whether it will again come to a common inaugural journey of Chancellor and Foreign Minister, is open. The new chief diplomat and Green Party Chairman annalena baerbock announced Brussels as the first destination. It is quite possible that it breaks even Thursday or even Wednesday afternoon for their first trip.

addition, the new Chancellor Scholz on his second full day's work should also US President Joe Biden meet - but only on video. Biden has invited Friday to a virtual summit for democracy. Like many other senior politicians had on Wednesday and the US government congratulates already for election .

After his return to Berlin, Scholz dedicated social democracy: The SPD elects a new leadership on Saturday . The former general secretary Lars Klingbeil and the former party leader Saskia run Esken for the party chairmanship, the former Juso boss Kevin Kühnert will be Secretary-General.

No green light for Nord Stream pipeline if any Ukraine escalation: Germany . The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia will not be allowed to operate in the event of any new "escalation" in Ukraine, under an agreement between Berlin and Washington, Germany's new Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said on Sunday. "I drew the chancellor's attention to the risks linked to the opening of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and sadly the extent to which these risks for Ukraine could get considerably worse.""In the event of further escalation this gas pipeline could not come into service," Baerbock told German television station ZDF, clarifying earlier threats made by Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

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