So Pete Wentz Has Legolas Hair Now

The Fall Out Boy bassist and recently crowned Hot Dad was spotted gracing an L.A. tennis court with a new do that’s quite the departure from his really red hair and really tall hair of yore. He is now brandishing long blonde locks reminiscent of Legolas, our favorite Woodland Realm resident. Wentz has accented the look with some visible roots (very on trend) and a dark Aragorn beard to match.

Concocting a hair look that combines the signatures of two LOTR sex symbols with such opposing vibes is impressive on its own, but the years of growth it took for Wentz to get here is equally stirring. Growing out one’s hair is no easy feat. It is a battle of the will and the mind. It requires the strength to trudge through the awkward stage, the self-assuredness to wear a lot of hats and low buns, and the resilience to keep going, even when the shears look tempting. He has emerged victorious.

In 2016, things were short and spiky up front.

By 2017, the top part had begun to grow out, so much so that it was vertical no more, and rested comfortably and horizontally atop the head.

The floppiness that often accompanies length begins to build.

In 2018, the top portion is now able to tickle the back of the neck with its new length.

By the summer, the hair begins to hang down, as a lob of sorts.

In 2019, the hair reaches a milestone: shoulder length. Accessories begin to enter the picture to keep things interesting.

By the summertime, the hair is long enough to pull into a low bun.

And a low ponytail.

As we move into fall, the ends slowly inch themselves beneath the shoulders.

At the start of 2020, Wentz’s hair is long enough to execute the cozy collar- tuck.

By fall, the hair is really feeling itself and flowing in the wind.

The next month, Wentz’s hair is a bright shade of blonde, and it’s long enough to comfortably be tied in a messy bun at the middle of the head.

And voil .

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