Should You Use a Jade Roller Before or After Moisturizer?

But before you go ahead and get rolling, you may want to choose carefully the products you are going to use, and determine when to use jade roller in your skincare routine.

Among the Jade Roller Benefits: Helps Distribute Skincare Product

Part of the jade roller usage is the application of facial oils or facial moisturizers to help the tool glide across your skin — some even say that this process can bring about one of the many jade roller benefits as it delivers the skincare product deeper into your skin. As such, you might be wondering when should you apply these products?

When to Use Jade Roller: Before or After Moisturizer?

While more research is needed to scientifically establish that jade facial rollers push the products deeper into your skin, we can’t deny the fact that jade rolling feels better after moisturizing.

Dermatologists recommend applying a hydrating mist or an alcohol-free toner first, followed by a hydrating serum. To lock it all in, layer a few drops of your favorite facial oil or moisturizer and enjoy the benefits of jade roller as you gently massage these products onto your skin.

Of course, you’ll need to start with a clean face, before all these — some even would recommend a double cleansing method, to be sure.

How to Clean Jade Roller

Keep in mind that because excess oils from the serums, moisturizers and masks may buildup on your facial roller massager, it’s essential that you know not only how to use a jade roller, but how to clean it as well. To do so, wipe the jade roller stone clean with a damp microfibre cloth or soft towel. For a deeper clean, use a gentle soap or cleanser on the facial roller to wash away product build-up and kill bacteria.

When to Use Jade Roller In Skin Care Routine

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Whether you intend to use your jade roller in the morning, or as part of your nighttime skincare regimen, it’s best to get the skin properly hydrated beforehand.

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To maximise the benefits of your facial roller, use it on a daily basis and whenever you do your skincare routine, and you’re bound to see the astounding jade roller results on your skin.

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