Sex Positions to Try on Your Favorite Chair because Beds Can Get Boring

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Many of us think about sex destinations in pretty binary terms: We’re either doing it somewhere really risque, or we’re getting it on in a bedroom. There’s a lot of space between those two extremes, but we don’t tend to venture into it. And that’s a shame, because that middle-ground is practically begging to be explored. One particularly easy place to start? With a very sturdy chair somewhere in your house. That’s right, chair sex positions abound—and they don’t ask that much of you. You don’t have to do anything complicated or risk getting caught in the act. You’re simply invited to render your sex routine a little more exciting by relocating to a slightly different corner of your home.

The chair sex position genre is about as vast and varied as any other. Because —unsurprisingly—there are a lot of ways to do it on a chair. You can have cozy, intimate chair sex. You can have daring, acrobatic chair sex. You can have low- key, lazy chair sex. You can be energetic, loving, aggressive, laidback—and every shade of gray in between. Chair sex runs the same gamut of emotions and experiences as any other kind of sex. Because, well, it’s just sex—that happens to be taking place on a chair.

What’s nice? Though chair sex isn’t rare or exclusive, it still feels fun, and exciting, and special. It’s still a break from the norm. Chair sex is a good reminder that we don’t need to travel long distances or spend exorbitant amounts of cash to get a taste of adventure. We can simply explore a space in our home in a brand new way. It may not be a full-on vacation, but it’s at least a little bit of an escape—and one that’s sure to be all kinds of fun.

Armchair Lotus

Those who love a snuggly sex positions will surely appreciate the Armchair Lotus, which brings you face-to-face with your partner. Ask your partner to sit down on a chair (ideally, a comfy one). They should position their body so they’re sitting diagonally—with their butt planted in one corner of the chair and their knees bent over the opposite corner of the chair.

Once they’re there, you should climb on top of them, facing them. Try to sit in their lap, with your legs on either side of their body. (Because they’re sitting diagonally, you should be able to drape your legs over one of the chair’s arms.) From there, your partner can wrap their arms around you—pulling you close. And you can grind front and back until you find a rhythm that works for you.


Though the Bowstring may feel best on an armchair, it can just as easily work on a desk chair, a dining room chair, or even a couch. Start by sitting in the chair the way you normally would. Your knees should be bent, and your feet should be touching the floor. Once you’re there, invite your partner to kneel directly in front of the chair. They should be facing you, and their thighs should be grazing your shins.

From there, your partner can lift up one of your legs and drape it over their shoulder. When they do, you can adjust your position—scooting forward and leaning back until you’re comfortable. You can also wrap your other leg around the back of one of their thighs. At this point, your partner should be able to scoot even closer to the chair. They can bring one thigh (the one your leg is wrapped around) closer to the chair’s legs, while lunging with the other one, so that their knee is hugging both the side of the chair and the side of your body. From this tight embrace, you two should be able to experiment with kisses, hugs, and penetration.


The Zeal is an excellent sex position for those looking for excitement that’s not too effortful. Start by asking your partner to sit down on a chair. It can be any chair, really, so long as they’re comfortable. Then, you’ll want to sit in their lap, facing the same direction they are (so that your back is grazing their chest). Your legs should be straddling their legs, and your feet—or at least, your toes—should be touching the floor.

Once you’re there, you can press your palms into your partner’s lap and press your toes into the ground to grind forward and backward—or to slide up and down —as you see fit. Your partner can lean back and enjoy the sensation, or they can lean forward and shower you with kisses. And you can press your back into their chest any time you want to feel extra-close.

French Kiss

The French Kiss boasts a slightly misleading name—there’s much more to this position than simple French kissing. Start by sitting in a cozy armchair the way you normally would. Then, scoot forward, so that your butt is on the edge of the seat. You’ll want your knees to be spread pretty widely, and you can plant your hands behind you to steady yourself. Once you’re there, invite your partner to kneel in front of the armchair, facing you. They should be positioned in between your legs, but to get close enough to you, they may have to do a little straddling of their own. (Their knees may need to touch each of the armchair’s legs, and your knees may need to be higher up, straddling your partner’s hips.)

Once you’re both within reach, you can wrap your arms around each other, pull each other tight, and shower each other with kisses. You can also play around with penetration.

Cowgirl on the Chair

Cowgirl on the Chair is about as straightforward as chair sex positions come: You’re literally doing Classic Cowgirl on a chair. Start by asking your partner to sit on a chair the way they normally would. Just about any chair can work for this, though you may want to seek out something comfortable and relatively wide-based. Once your partner is seated, climb on top of them, straddling them. If the chair is wide enough, your shins can rest along the outside of your partner’s legs. If it’s a tighter squeeze, you may need to rest your feet and shins along your partner’s thighs.

Once you’re there, your partner can lean back or pull you in close—and you can do the same. You can grind forward and backward or slide up and down the way you normally would. Just be sure the chair is sturdy enough to fall over once things start happening.


The XXX practically demands to be done on an armchair—anywhere else would be a disservice to the position. Start by sitting on an armchair the way you normally would. Then, rotate your body 90 degrees, so that your head is leaning on one of the chair’s armrests and your legs are draped over the other. (Try to get comfortable, and grab a pillow if you need to.)

Once you’re there, invite your partner to approach the side of the chair where your legs are. They should be standing, and their body should be positioned in between your legs. From there, they can lean forward, placing their hands on either side of your shoulders and using their arms to steady themselves. (They may also want to bend one of their legs so that it’s hugging the front of the chair for extra mobility.)

Once you’re both there, your partner should be hovering over you, facing you. They can stay there and play around with penetration, or they can swoop in for a kiss. And remember, you can always shift your hips up and down to up the rhythm and the intensity, if you want to.

Seated Wheelbarrow

Those who want to get creative will surely appreciate the Seated Wheelbarrow, a chair sex position that asks you to be at least a little acrobatic. Start by asking your partner to sit in a chair the way they normally would. This could be any chair, though it may be more comfortable if you opt for a cushioned armchair. Once they’re there, sit on their lap. You should be facing the same direction they are, and your back should be grazing their chest.

Then, things get interesting. Lean forward until you can reach the ground. Once you get there, don’t be surprised if your chest is hovering between your partner’s legs and your arms are doing a ton of work. To make things a bit more comfortable, you may want to lift your legs off the ground, and plant your feet and knees on the chair. Your inner thighs should be hugging your partner’s outer thighs, and your hands should still be planted firmly on the ground. From there, you or your partner can grind forward and backward or slide up and down.

If you can only manage this position for a few minutes, don’t sweat it. You’re a trooper for attempting it at all.

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