Sand-Proof Beach Towels

Comes with your choice of patterns in a stylish waterproof carry bag. Absorbent, soft, and lightweight; dries quickly. Sand free and antibacterial. Works as a cooling wrap, towel, or blanket. Easily fits in a purse.

Lightweight for convenient carrying, but be prepared to weight it down in case of a breeze.

If you need something a little smaller than the typical oversized towel, take a look at the variety of sizes RainLeaf offers.

A microfiber towel with a suede-like feel on the skin. Antibacterial and quick- drying with a hanging loop. Buyer gets a choice of sizes and colors. Folds up small; very absorbent.

Towels may bleed, so wash before using for the first time. May arrive with a chemical smell.

Sand doesn't stick to this amazingly packable microfiber towel. Brush off any dry sand that settles with a simple flick of the wrist.

Highly absorbent and dries quickly. Includes travel pouch. Buyer chooses size and color. Lightweight and packable.

Very thin. Blows away easily, so be prepared to lay your beach gear on top of it if you unpack it before using it for drying. Should not be placed in dryer.

Customers who are turned off by the feel of microfiber should consider this feminine towel. It feels softer on the skin than other microfiber towels and can double as a cover-up.

Sand proof and bacteria resistant. Feels softer than other microfiber towels. Includes hanging loop. Dries quickly, even in high humidity. Cool retro flower print in a choice of colors.

The hanging snap loop can break easily.

This extra-long sand-free beach towel is a remains a crowd favorite for its quick-dry design.

Reinforced sewn edges have an attractive finish. Built-in loops so towel can be hung to dry. Soft suede material repels sand and debris. Available in three colors and five patterns.

Some consumers say it feels more like a thick sheet than a beach towel.

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Sand-Proof Beach Towels

Sure, making sand castles at the beach is fun. But most of us could do without all the sand, especially when it’s on our nice, clean beach towel. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to keep sand off your towel. And with every wipe, you spread it more and more.

But what if you could remove it from your towel with a simple swipe? You can — if you have a sand-proof beach towel. Through fabric choice or construction, sand-proof beach towels are designed so that any sand that lands on the surface is easy to remove. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, so you’re sure to find one that will make you willing to part with your old one.

Key considerations


If you’re looking for a towel that doubles as a beach mat, you have your choice of parachute nylon, mesh, and microfiber.

Parachute nylon dries quickly, and sand simply brushes off of it, but it’s too thin to use as a true towel.

Beach accessories made of double-sided mesh simply allow sand to filter through their tiny openings, but are not as absorbent as other materials.

Why is microfiber the best?

Absorbent: It’s amazingly absorbent, for starters. This synthetic material can absorb seven times its weight in liquid. But it dries very quickly, so sand won’t stick to it like it does cotton, which stays damp for hours.

Lightweight: Microfiber is usually constructed from a combination of nylon and polyester, which makes it lighter in weight than cotton. You’ll find this feature especially attractive when you’re lugging bags of gear from your vehicle to the beach.


Most people enjoy microfiber’s soft, silky touch, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re not thrilled with the fabric’s traditional texture, consider other styles. Some advertise an alternative suede-like feel. Others may have a waffle weave or other texturing. So don’t give up if towels you’ve tried so far haven’t felt particularly luxurious — you have options.


Microfiber towels come in a variety of sizes. All of them fold down to practically nothing, so even the most oversized mat-style towel won’t fill your bag. Still, you want to consider the user — there’s no need for a small child to struggle with a towel larger than himself. Quality towels range from 12 x 24 inches (which is roughly the size of a hand towel) all the way up to 78 x 35 inches (nearly as big as a twin bed sheet). Smaller towels are best for use with smaller individuals or for use solely for drying. The largest towels can be used to dry but double as a sand-free mat for relaxation.


Corner pockets

The thin, lightweight construction of sand-proof towels is a selling point — but this puts them at risk for blowing away. Some manufacturers design towels with pockets at the corners, so you can fill them with sand or other materials to weigh them down. If your towels lack this feature, plan on placing your gear on top of them to keep them from blowing away or taking them out only when it’s time to dry off.

Hanging loop

Another way to keep track of your towels is by hanging them from a beach umbrella or canopy. Many towels come with a loop to hang them from your sun shade or on a hook in your bathroom to facilitate faster drying.

Storage pouch

It’s easy for a towel this thin to get lost in a linen closet, so many sand- proof towels come with storage pouches. This makes it harder for them to get misplaced or mixed in with your other towels. It also makes them easier to find in an overloaded beach bag. Sand-proof towels that come in elegant bags make an ideal pre-cruise or vacation gift for a loved one who has everything.


There’s a lot to love about the beach, but a sterile environment isn’t one of them. Luckily, your towel can help. Many sand-proof beach towels are manufactured with antibacterial treatments that help guard against any microscopic dangers.

Additional features

Colours: Sand-proof beach towels come in a literal rainbow of colours. Choose different hues or designs for different family members, so there’s no squabbling.

Snaps: Some towels come with snaps that allow you to attach your towel to virtually anything to dry.

Eco-friendly: A handful of sand-proof beach towels are made from recycled materials.

Sand-proof beach towel prices

Inexpensive: You can find well-rated sand-proof beach towels for as low as $10. Towels with a $10 price tag will usually be solid in colour and measure less than 3 x 2 feet.

Mid-range: Sand-proof beach towels of a little higher quality generally cost $10 to $20 and will be larger, measuring around 4 x 2 feet. Some may be solid, others may feature stripes or simple patterns. Most will have bags that make them easier to store or carry as well as hanging loops for drying on the beach or in the bathroom.

Expensive: For $20 to $30, you’ll find a towel that should measure at least 5 x 3 feet, if not longer. Beach towels in this price range should be available in many colours and feature intricate, attractive designs. Many have additional protective treatments as well as hanging loops and storage bags.


Carefully check your towel’s instructions before placing it in the dryer. Some have fabric treatments that do not stand up well to high heat.

Some beach towels bleed at first, so be sure to wash them separately a few times before mixing them with other items.

Since most sand-proof towels fold up so small, they also make a good choice to pack for camping, cruises, yoga class, and more.

Other products we considered

We love the upscale style and added convenience that Aysesa’s Sand-Free Turkish Beach Towel offers. With a built-in storage pocket, it’s great for keeping track of small, easy-to-lose items when you’re lounging. Stylish striping and attractive fringe give it a hint of sophistication many brightly coloured towels lack. Stylish horizontal stripes set the Lytepark Microfiber Beach Towel apart from traditional vertical-stripe designs, making yours easy to find at the pool or beach. At 70 x 35 inches, it’s almost as large as a twin sheet, so it’s big enough for whatever you need — but folds down smaller than a beach coverup in your bag.


Q. Why can’t I find a sand-proof towel that’s fluffy?A. Simply put, sand-proof beach towels are designed not to do all the things that fluffy towels do to attract sand. Sand-proof towels have a sleek, tight weave that lets sand slide off. Fluffy cotton fibers, in contrast, have a raised, grabby surface that easily traps sand. Sand-proof towels are thin, allowing them to dry rapidly, so any sand that sticks releases quickly as the towel dries.

Q. How do I wash a sand-proof beach towel?A. If your towel is made of microfiber, like the majority of sand-proof towels, wash your towel with mild detergent in water that’s warm or hot. Avoid fabric softeners, which leave deposits on the towel and plug the open spaces in the microfiber, greatly reducing its absorbency. If you have several microfiber towels, wash them together. If you don’t, you may mix your microfiber with other synthetics that don’t shed lint. Air drying is best for microfiber, although some can go in the dryer on low heat or no heat/tumble settings. If you purchase a mesh or parachute fabric item, be sure to check your specific product’s instructions.

Q. Why do microfiber towels dry so quickly?A. Microfiber generally dries three times faster than cotton — largely because of their thin fibrers. Microfibers are absorbent but incredibly thin — dozens of times thinner than a human hair. These towels are made of countless thin fibres, which individually absorb a ton of water, but dry quickly due to their size. Cotton towels, on the other hand, are made of fewer thick fibres, which take longer to dry.

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