Playa's New Curl-Defining Product Simplified My Haircare Routine

It's made especially for 3C to 4A hair.

Anyone with curly hair will tell you, sometimes it takes work and a lot of product to get your curls into shape. And with summer humidity, you need products that hydrate and hold. Enter Playa's latest launch. Made with curly hair in mind, specifically 3A to 4C curls, the Super Seed Curl Defining Crème ($28) is a rich formula made to nourish curls and coils.

Read on to find out about key ingredients and my review of the latest drop from Playa.

Playa Super Seed Curl Defining Crème

About Playa: Founded in 2017 by Shelby Wild, Playa Beauty's mission is to simplify your beauty routine. Inspired by the laid-back beachy lifestyle of California, the brand creates easy-to-use essentials for your every routine.

Best for: 3A to 4C curls

Uses: Hydrate and define curls

Key Ingredients: Murumuru seed butter, flaxseed, and chia gel

ishonest Clean?: Yes

Price: $28

The Product

Falling somewhere between a hydrating creme and a gel, this launch from Playa is packed with ingredients to keep hair in place while moisturizing. Like every product from the beachy brand, it's cruelty-free and doesn't contain SLS, parabens, or phthalates.

The Ingredients

Let’s get into the star ingredient: murumuru seed butter. We've written extensively about its hydrating power for skin, but this ingredient is just as beneficial for your hair. Made from murumuru nuts found in palm trees in the Amazon, the supercharged component deeply hydrates, coats strands in essential fatty acids for a smooth finish and better overall hair health.

Also responsible for this formula's ability to help with curl definition and hold sans residue: chia and flaxseeds. These two may be part of your go- to breakfast, but they’re also a superfood for your hair. Like murumuru seed butter, chia seed is also a source of omega-3 fatty acids for hair health.

Another favorite amongst the curl community is Flaxseed gel, which adds definition without the flakes and residue. Packed with vitamin E and omega -3 fatty acids, it's great for dryness, frizz, and hair growth.

The Review

When my hair isn't in a protective style, I’m a wash-and-go girl. While braid- outs and twist-outs are probably the best way to get the definition I’m looking for, anyone with natural hair knows the way your curls will come out is always a gamble. So my go-to summer style is a ponytail or bun with curly bangs—it's simple, fast, and still looks good despite the heat and humidity.

So, I need a product that can hold my type 4 hair in place but also keep it moisturized without using a ton. I used a lot of this creme after washing my hair at night and then again to refresh my curls in the morning, and it felt soft. There was no residue, and my hair didn't feel crunchy, oily, or weighed down. I liked that I could use just one product to moisturize, refresh, and style. It cuts down on the number of products I have to use this summer and saves my hair from constant washing and buildup.

The Super Seed Curl Defining Crème is available now at Sephora and Playa Beauty.

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