Persian Model Shares Her Brow and Lash Secrets

If “brow icon” brings to mind a certain Delevingne, you probably haven’t seen Yasmine Sima yet. The doe-eyed, Ford Models–signed ingénue possesses a set of brows that can only be described as otherworldly. Full, thick, and unabashedly prominent, Sima’s face-framing arches are the stuff dreams (and extreme envy) are made of. With her raven-colored hair and Persian American background, Sima represents a new generation of models who don’t fit fashion’s formerly uniform beauty ideals—to which we say it’s about time.

YASMINE SIMA: I’ve always had a hate-love relationship with my eyebrows. I definitely love their fullness now, but I didn’t feel the same way about them in my earlier teen years—especially because I had a unibrow, and not everyone was so nice to me about it! My perception of it has definitely changed. Now I love how people notice my heritage when they first glance them. I love that I am Middle Eastern, so that makes me happy.

YS: Being Persian has its perks—like the full, thick brows and lashes. But maintaining them is really difficult because they grow out so fast! I usually trim my brows once every three weeks if I feel like they’ve grown long. As for shaping, I only pluck the middle every five days to prevent the unibrow situation. I don’t pluck more than that, because I think keeping them in their natural shape is better! It makes them look fuller that way too. I don’t use any products for my brows. I usually just brush them out every morning with Lancôme’s Eyebrow Reshaper Brush ($28) so they don't look too messy.

YS: Rose water is life. I apply it with a cotton ball after I wash my face every morning.

YS: I think the most important thing in maintaining long and healthy lashes is removing your eye makeup every night. I usually apply organic coconut oil on them every now and then to revive them. As for making them appear longer, curling them makes the biggest difference! And if I want to go without mascara for the day, I put Vaseline on them; it maximizes the length and the thickness. This works for the brows, too.

YS: I think the fashion industry is definitely growing to embrace more diverse looks, which has worked in my advantage. I really encourage all diverse girls to embrace their beauty more, whether they want to be models or actresses or not. Not all beauties have to be tall and blond with blue eyes! Hopefully, the fashion industry continues growing in the right direction so all diverse girls from different ethnicities really start to appreciate their uniqueness and beauty.

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