Over-Anxious Angelenos Guide to Sunscreen

If you prefer your skincare products to veer on the lighter side during the day, using sunscreen can definitely be a buzzkill. The layering process suddenly becomes thicker, heavier, and often, everything looks just a bit cakier. All carping aside though, sunscreen is not just a skin perfecter that will ward off future wrinkles and spotsmore crucially, sunscreen helps decrease your risk of getting skin cancer.

Driving in the Los Angeles heat wave this last week inspired us to reach out to a handful of noted celebrity makeup artists to recommend their favorite lightest and most effective sunscreensincluding some of the newest launches this year, as well as some of the most cherished SPF mainstays.

A favorite of Georgie Eisdell, the renowned makeup artist responsible for Gwyneth Paltrow and Carey Mulligan's most unforgettable red carpet looks, this product doesn't feel cakey, uses clean ingredients, and can serve as a dual moisturizer and sunscreen. Here's why I love Sunvisor the most: it doesn't leave a white cast on the skin (thank goodness), it's really beautiful under makeupwhich is hugely important to me, and it leaves the skin beautifully dewy, so it is really gorgeous on its own, without makeup, too, Eisdell says. Plus, it's totally clean and that in itself is incredibly important. I always use clean skincare; it penetrates into the skin and the skin is the largest organ in the body, so I want to make sure that what I am putting on my skin is a clean product. Launched earlier this year, the SPF 35 formulation uses aloe to help calm skin, vitamin E to nourish, and zinc oxide to protects skin against sun damage.

Physical sunscreen usually means a white, ghost-like look on your skin, but you don't get that with Dr. Gross Wrinkle Defense, says Chicago-based celebrity makeup artist Candace Corey, who frequently collaborates on Zoe Saldana's beauty looks. This sunscreen glides on like water, so it's not thick, and it blends into your skin without looking like you have toothpaste on your face. It's ideal even if you have a darker complexion. Launched last month, the sunscreen doubles as a makeup primer and sun protector, and has potent anti-wrinkle/ complexion boosting ingredients ferulic acid and sea buckthorn.

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