Mole Vs Beauty Mark Vs Birthmark

Clearly, not everyone knows the difference but we’re here to enlighten you.

What Is A Mole?

Moles are dark spots on the skin formed when the skin cells, instead of spreading around the skin, cluster together in one place. They are pigmented lesions in the skin.

Moles may be significant, small, flat, raised, irregularly shaped, etc. Some of them even grow hair. Also, they can come in different colors such as brown, tan, black, pink, and can also take after the person’s skin color.

They can also be found anywhere in the body, such as the face, armpits, neck, back, between toes, etc. Several individuals are born with moles which are known as birthmarks. Other moles are acquired after a child has been delivered.

On average, moles are usually between 10 and 40. If you start counting up to 50 or more, then it is advisable to see a dermatologist.

The moles are always similar in physical appearance. They are called a family of moles. Once in a while, though, a mole would appear differently from others in the family.

This mole is called an ugly duckling or an outlier. Typically, once you’re above 40, you no longer get moles. Some moles even disappear with time.

What Is a Birthmark?

A birthmark, as earlier on established, is a mole that you were born with. In other words, they are marks on your skin that you were born with, just like the name suggests.

Like moles, they can be found anywhere on the body and come in different sizes and shapes. They also come in different colors. Some of them are very small in size and color, like the skin, making them impossible to see with the naked eye.

At the same time, others are bold and darker and can be readily noticeable. Also, some birthmarks disappear with age. Birthmarks are pretty much harmless (just like stretch marks) and should not be a source of worry to you.

But you can always check in with a dermatologist if you are not so sure. If you do not like your birthmark at all, you can also ask your dermatologist how to get rid of it; mostly done using laser therapies.

What Is a Beauty Mark?

A beauty mark is generally used to describe any mark or spot on your body, mainly your face, that looks beautiful and attractive.

Many people believe that beauty marks are just moles positioned on a lucky spot on your face. It is known as a beauty mark because it adds to your beauty. When differentiating mole vs beauty mark or beauty mark vs mole, then: If the same spot were to be located on another part of your body, say your armpit, it would just be another mole.

Mole vs Birthmark

Mostly, a lot of people mistake birthmarks with moles, and the mole vs birthmark argument has been on for a while now.

While a birthmark can be a mole, not all birthmarks are moles. Birthmarks are present at the time of birth of a child. Also, any mole present at the time of delivery or few moments after a child’s birth might be called a birthmark by some people.

However, there is one notable fact that stands in the mole vs birthmark argument. That is, birthmarks are flat and are found on the skin surface.

When you move your hands against them, you cannot feel them, whereas moles are protruding. They are above the skin surface, and you can quickly feel them with your hands.

Mole vs Beauty Mark

The mole vs beauty mark topic is also another controversial issue when it comes to skincare and dermatology.

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Most resent a mole, and we all want a beauty mark. The beauty mark vs mole argument is actually pointless because they are one and the same. The only difference is in their location.

There are moles located on strategic points of the face, like under the eyebrows or just above the lips, and these are regarded as beauty marks. On the other hand, the remaining ones scattered all over the body in other “awkward” places are termed moles.

Today, celebrities wear beauty marks with pride. Beauty marks have become a part of fashion as we can now see many people wearing fake birthmarks.

We hope this clears the case of beauty marks vs moles.

Beauty Mark vs Birthmark

Just like every other mole, natural beauty marks protrude from the surface of the skin. Birthmarks have always been present since birth, as suggested by the name.

On the other hand, not all beauty marks are evident at birth and could be acquired later in life.

In most cases, they are both not dangerous to health except if your birthmark begins to show signs of melanoma. If that’s the case, there is no need to contact your dermatologist. Just take the necessary steps.

Conclusion: Mole vs Beauty Mark vs Birthmark

The mole vs beauty mark vs. birthmark controversy has always been a hot topic of discussion among skincare enthusiasts.

Now that we’ve gone through the similarities and differences between them, you know that most of the time, they do not pose any real danger to your skin not should it be a cause of concern like other skin problems like eczema. But if you are in doubt and you need clarification, do not hesitate to reach out to a qualified dermatologist near you.

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