Chairs to Buy in 2021

What to look for in an office chair

Dr Pankhania, Chiropractor at Healing Hands and postural specialist gives us her advice on what to look out for when buying an office hciar.

With this in mind, we've gone onto and rounded up the best: office, living room and dining room chairs with support curves and back rests, to adjustable heights.

The best office chairs, living room chairs and dining room chairs to buy now

The best office chairs for all you needs. keep it simple and each of their chairs come in various colour forms so you are guaranteed to find one for your home.

Best office chairs

This chair keeps it simple, great if you are lacking office space. The round basin provides comfort, as for back support we recommend not replying solely on this chair for long desk shifts but great for short spurts.

This cosy chair fully supports your back. It's height adjustable, and it's on castors, too. With ample room, is the perfect to switch up posture positions without the chair arms getting in the way.

The sturdy swivel base and easy-move castors make this the perfect practical chair for a stylish office space. This office chair is designed with a sophisticated space in mind – we're sure this style can work for you.

This velvet finished chair is soft and comfortable, although it's armless, which might not suit everyone. It provides total freedom to shift, fold your legs and move around as much as you need to.

The best living room chairs have a wide range of chairs, here is a roundup of the best living room chairs, however they are suitable for your home office, spare room or even bedroom. best living room chairs

This chair is as comfy as it looks. The clever curves and retro design provides a bouncy touch the chair. We guarantee your guests will be fighting about who gets to sit in this one.

This Lottie armchair is compact and easy to rest on. It's influenced by mid- century design, if you are looking for a good old fashioned cushion backrest, this is the one for you.

This smooth curve chair will stand out in your house. The beautiful backrest, paired with the plump oval cushions is comfort and style wrapped into one.

Arm free, the Margot chair has a velvet finished. If you love a sturdy backrest with freedom to move ad switch your position, this one is for you.

Soft curves and a sleek contemporary shape are integral to the charm of our Frame armchair. Understated and refined, it's perfect for those drawn to simple, effortless design.

A wide favourite. We love these chairs because you get the freedom of feeling like you can move, lay or sit up. the options are limitless. It's also an easy way to add excitement and interest to a corner space. best dining room chairs

This chairs scream autumn dreams. The set of two dining chairs combine tan leather with black metal legs for a sleek but wide base for perfect comfort.

Although they do not look it, these chairs promise comfort. With the slightly padded base, the Nordic-inspired dining chairs are atheistically pleasing but also provide suitable back support for all the family.

Tacoma's an example of expert craftsmanship. Just look at the joint detailing and subtly curved shape. This oak dining chair is the key to realising your Scandi supper dreams.

If you like to keep dinning time a chic affair (who doesn't?) These chairs are for you. The curved back and sides, rounded legs and padded seat provide both comfort and support for the long dinner conversations to continue.

Walnut, pine green and brass. The triple threat of trends all in one place – Amalyn. We love how the smooth curved shape contrasts the crossed detail metal legs – this is revival meets industrial, with a lot of luxe thrown in. Notice this dining chair's padded seat – settle in to a stylish supper.

The sleek nature of this chairs provide great back support with a wide drop back. The velvet finish makes them harder to clean than some of our other options, so if you are planning on dining without children, these ones are for you.

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