M-61 Skin Care Review

M-61 Skin Care Collections

The M-61 skin care line is broken down into several collections, which focus on specific ingredients. For example, the M-61 SuperSoothe E currently contains three items; a makeup remover, a shave cream, and a cleanser. All of these items are formulated around vitamin E, a known antioxidant, which can help the skin restore damage from environmental pathogens and harmful UV radiation.

Another collection within the M-61 brand is the Vitablast C, which contains three products; a facial mask, a vitamin C serum, and a hand cream. The products in this collection are formulated around vitamin C, an ingredient that can provide antioxidant benefits and may also brighten skin by removing dark spots on face and hands. Some of the other ingredients in this M-61 skin care collection include aloe vera, to moisturize the skin, as well as vitamin E.

Some of the collections in the M-61 skin care line include only one product, such as the Brilliant Cleanse collection. This line contains only a facial cleanser, which is formulated with alpha and beta hydroxy acids, to chemically exfoliate the skin. M-61 ingredients like salicylic, malic and lactic acids can help remove some of the dead and dying skin cells from the surface; a process that can help spur the production of new, healthy skin cells. The salicylic acid in this M-61 cleanser can also help dissolve some of the sebum plugs in pores, to reduce the appearance of acne.

Where to Buy M-61 Skin Care Products

The company’s products can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website, though M-61 reviews are not available on the site. Other venues for distribution include major retail websites. However, many such sites cannot control who sells the products, so it’s imperative to read M-61 reviews for the vendor you are considering, to ensure that you’re not being sold a counterfeit or expired product.

The Price of M-61 Skin Care Items

The cost of M-61 products may be prohibitive for some skin care budgets. Though the company does carry some items under $20, like the SuperSoothe E Makeup Remover and Vitablast C Hand cream, many of the products cost over $50, and some even closer to $100. Therefore, those with limited skin care budgets should carefully research the ingredients for the specific product they are considering, and read M-61 reviews, before spending money.

M-61 Returns and Exchanges

The company currently offers a return policy for consumers who are not satisfied with M-61 products. Those who wish to return their items can do so within 30 days, to receive a full refund of the purchase price. If you are not happy with your order and wish to return the items within 60 days, you can still do so, but will only receive a company gift card for the amount of the purchase price. In all cases, when returning products to M-61, the customer must pay for the return shipping.

What Are Alternatives to M-61 Skin Care?

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