Alesha Dixon Talks Beauty Favourites and Wellbeing At Home

On Her Beauty Favourites

'I love Sisley Paris' Black Rose Face Cream, 150. I love all the Sisley products actually, I'm obsessed with them. I do try other face creams but I always come back to that one. I love Skinceuticals too and Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream. Apart from that I tend to keep things quite simple. I just love good old coconut oil or cocoa butter and things like that. I try to do a face mask once a week as well. This last year of lockdowns has seen everyone become a lot more self-sufficient with regards to looking after hair skin, me included.' At this point Azura quickly reminds Alesha about Egyptian Magic, 'Oh yes! She's on it. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream, 30, we love Egyptian magic.'

On NobleBlu And Its Beginnings

'I guess I've always had a love affair with wellbeing and feeling good, it's always been a part of my life. Before I entered into the music industry I wanted to be a sports teacher. It's always been an area that is important to me. I like to say that 90% of the time I have healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle benefits your mindset, your body, and it benefits people around you. It makes a difference to how you operate in business, your career, how you feel about yourself, your mood everything. The wellness arena has just been something I've always loved, and I've also always wanted to have my own business too. I've always wanted a passion project, something outside of music, outside of television. This just felt like a no brainer to me.' And the name? 'There's something very pure and calming about the name. My ultimate goal when it comes to NobleBlu us that it becomes a one stop shop for all things wellness, whether it's sportswear, books, beautiful skincare.'

On Working Out And Supplements

'I work out three or four times a week. On the days that I work out, I will take the NobleBlu energy supplement. After breakfast I take the immunity tablet, I take that every day, that's so important. I make a vegetable juice too.I make sure that I get my ginger my beetroot and kale and everything in there, as well as fresh orange juice. I've always taken supplements. I find that when I do I notice the difference in my clarity when it comes to the afternoon.'

On Daily Smoothies

'I'm always trying to get the girls to drink smoothies. My other daughter is 19 months old, she's asleep at the moment, and it's a lot easier to get her to have smoothies. We always do something together in the kitchen that is 'health'. Azura loves the yellow and green juices. She loves banana in smoothies.'

On The Self-Care Rituals Alesha And Azura Make Time For Together

'Physical exercise is the one thing we're always trying to get Azura to join in with because my other half loves doing yoga as well. We used to do couples yoga on a Sunday actually, which sounds so mature doesn't it? We'd do it together when the weather was really nice on a Sunday and always get Azura to join in. What I learned from my own childhood is that I'd do things, not because my mother told me to, but because I watched what she did, how she lived her life and tried to do the same. Azura is the same. She sees her mummy and daddy taking care of themselves, eating healthily, working out and most importantly she sees that we have fun as we do it. My number one priority when it comes to the girls is ensuring our house is a joyful house and that there's no pressure. There's no pressure, no stress. We're try our best to make sure that's their experience.'

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