Homeopathy Treatments for Psoriasis

Are you a victim of psoriasis? Do you keep getting embarrassed often because of your skin condition? Don’t worry, we understand you.

Psoriasis can be a painful condition, not just physically, but psychologically as well. However, homeopathy has got a number of effective treatments for it.

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Psoriasis – A Brief

Psoriasis is a relatively common skin condition. According to the British Homeopathic Association, around two to three percent of people suffer from this condition that causes the skin to inflame, thicken and get a scaly appearance (1).

People suffering from psoriasis are often embarrassed by their skin condition besides being plagued by a variety of symptoms, such as pain, itching, cracked, broken skin, painful and inflamed joints, and blisters filled with pus. These symptoms can lead the person to turn into a recluse, shun social gatherings, get depressed and even have suicidal thoughts.

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Conventional Treatment For Psoriasis

Psoriasis can affect the face, scalp, chest, elbows, fingernails, genitals, toenails, knees, soles, lower back, and legs. Since it is an autoimmune disorder, only the symptoms can be treated and not the disease itself.

Conventional medicine uses a combination of exercise and non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). However, as the disease progresses, the potency of the medications also increases. It is not unheard of psoriasis patients being prescribed corticosteroids and anti-malarial medications (2). This can result in a lot of undesirable and unpleasant side effects. That is why more and more people are turning towards homeopathy to treat psoriasis.

Psoriasis Treatment In Homeopathy

Homeopathy has been able to successfully treat many diseases and conditions that conventional medicine has not been able to. One such condition is psoriasis. There are several homeopathic medicines that can easily bring relief to patients with this condition and with regular use, their skin can clear up and not show a trace of the lesions or scaliness.

Homeopathy adopts a holistic view when treating patients, and that is why there are several remedies. Some of the homeopathic treatments for psoriasis are as follows:

1. Carcinosin

This homeopathy remedy is for patients who get psoriasis due to genetics. It is a potent and effective medication that is made from the cancerous tissue. As horrible as this may sound, carcinosin is the best homeopathic medicine for people who have psoriasis running in their family. It also is prescribed for patients who are emotionally fragile.

2. Kali Arsenicum

This psoriasis homeopathic treatment is prescribed to patients who suffer from severe itching, especially in warm conditions. It also is prescribed to those who have cuts and oozing lesions along the inner side of the elbow and behind the knees. Kali Arsenicum is the homeopathic treatment for people suffering from psoriatic arthritis.

3. Graphites

When it comes to managing psoriasis, this is one homeopathy treatment that cannot be ignored. It helps treat the persistent dryness of the skin, as well as hardened, thick and rough skin. It can be used to treat psoriasis on the nails, behind the ears and in the groin region, neck, and the bend of elbows and knees. Usually, this remedy is prescribed to obese patients and those who suffer from constipation and/or are sensitive to cold temperatures.

4. Mezereum

This medication is prepared using the bark of the spurge olive tree, also known as mezereum. It can treat skin and scalp psoriasis quite effectively. This is the same homeopathic remedy that is used to treat eczema as well.

5. Kali Sulphuricum

This homeopathy treatment for psoriasis is made using potassium sulfate. After proper potentization, this medication can prove to be a miraculous treatment for oozing and infected psoriatic lesions. Usually, Kali Sulphuricum is prescribed to patients who have papules accompanied by severe itching.

6. Arsenic Album

This remedy is for psoriatic patients who experience an improvement in their condition under warm conditions and a worsening of the psoriasis in cold and wet conditions.

7. Apis Mellifica

This medication is used for eruptions that feel hot and dry and yet are sensitive to touch. Usually, patients with such eruptions feel better after taking a cold bath, and experience a worsening of their condition in the heat.

8. Calendula

Many times, homeopathic doctors can prescribe calendula for psoriasis. While this is not a remedy, it can soothe the inflammation that psoriasis causes (3).

These are some of the most common homeopathy treatments for psoriasis. If you are seeking the right psoriasis treatment in homeopathy, consult an experienced and trained homeopath. The doctor would be the best person to prescribe the right medication for your skin condition.

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