Glory Skincare Launched a Product Based on Feedback from 7000 Women of Color

The nighttime serum is formulated with a patented five-acid cocktail.

Inclusion in the beauty industry has come a long way. However, there’s no denying that there's room for further improvement—particularly in the skincare sector. “As a woman of color, I felt overlooked in so many ways,” entrepreneur Alisia Ford tells ishonest exclusively, highlighting the lack of representation in marketing, absence of customer validation, and the scarcity of skincare experts who specialize in melanated skin.

These very concerns spurred her decision to launch Glory Skincare, a successful subscription box business that provides tailored head-to-toe treatments for melanin-rich skin. The obvious next step for Glory Skincare? A leap into the product sector with its first skincare offering: Own Your Tone Dark Spot Overnight Treatment ($62), a powerful overnight serum designed to treat hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, and inflammation.

“We started our approach with our curated Skincare and Wellness Boxes to better understand the needs of our community,” Ford explains. “Now that we have the data and information on what our consumers need, we have set out to provide clean, clinical skin essentials formulated for skin of every hue, starting with our first launch."

Ahead, get all of the details about the new product, including how a massive focus group inspired the innovative formula.

Own Your Tone Dark Spot Overnight Treatment

Best for: Face

Price: $62

Active Ingredients: Tranexamic acid, lactic acid, white mulberry and green tea extracts

Product Claims: Cruelty-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, made without parabens, silicones, or sulfates

Why We Love It: This nighttime serum works to smooth uneven texture and treat hyperpigmentation while you sleep.

The Inspiration

The brand's first product wouldn't be possible without the 7,000 women (yes, you read that correctly) who participated in Glory Skincare's focus groups, designed to identify exactly what women needed to create a non-toxic and effective skincare routine.

"We built a private community where our consumers shared details about their skin type, images of their main concerns, and what products they wished were made available to them," Ford divulges. The biggest concern among the group? Hyperpigmentation. "When it came time to dive into all of the feedback and research, we were able to understand and, more importantly, address the number one skin concern amongst our underrepresented community."

Ford spent the last year developing the ideal product with the help of expert dermatologists through the 2021 Sephora Accelerate Program, an educational incubator program that aims to double the retailer's shelf space of Black-owned brands.

The Formula

Designed to reduce the look of dark spots and fine lines, the overnight serum is composed of a unique cocktail of acids, including mandelic acid, lactic acid, and tranexamic acid.

"We have found great success using tranexamic acid with a myriad of other acids to fade hyperpigmentation and dark spots," Ford tells us. The 5RUITFUL blend, a patented five-acid cocktail, is also supported by ingredients like bakuchiol, green tea, and sunflower seed oil.

Even though the recipe is fragrance-free, it has a pleasant aroma, which distinguishes it from other hyperpigmentation treatments on the market. The brand tested the product on various skin types to guarantee that it's safe for everyone, especially sensitive skin.

How To Use

The overnight treatment can be used on the entire face (or as a spot treatment) and should be applied to clean, damp skin. Ford highly suggests using it as the last step in your nighttime skincare routine because it seals in all previously applied products.

“The Own Your Town Dark Spot Overnight Treatment is intended to be used as a nighttime serum because your skin goes through most of its restoration while you sleep,” Ford explains about its intended use. “This treatment works best during this optimal time.”

Below, Ford breaks down how to get the best results from the product:

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