Elongated Bob is The Coolest Way to Wear Shoulder-Length Hair

The elongated bob is the type of hairstyle that’ll never go out of fashion, that much we know. A solid favorite, it has had most girls with long hair toying with the idea of slicing it short (those choppy, jaw length cuts are tempting…). Then there are the girls with short hair who sometimes miss the length and yearn for swooshy hair past their shoulder, because of course, the grass is always greener.

That’s where the elongated bob comes into play. It’s an ideal happy medium whether you’re growing your hair out or thinking of cutting it shorter.

Last year, ultra-casual outgrown hair became a trend in its own right, albeit accidentally for some. Lots of shorter-haired girls had to extend the time between their regular chops and work out ways to style it at home because of lockdown. Now that we’ve grown more accustomed to the relaxed styling (this length looks great air-dried), turns out we really like it. It has the coolness of shorter hair paired with the versatility of longer lengths. You can throw it up into a pony, or a chic low bun on the days you want it out the way.

For long-haired girls it’s a nonscary step up from the safety of a midi cut. If you like it, you can go shorter; if you don’t, give it a few weeks and it’ll be long enough to give that extra layer of security.

As for how to wear it, just as the bob comes in tons of shapes and sizes, so does the elongated bob. You can keep the shape, just extend the inches. You could go for a graduated, or A-line, shape (longer and sharper at the front, and ever so slightly shorter at the back), but have it grazing your collarbone rather than your chin. You could grow out the blunt bob into a softer, shoulder- length style and mix things up by playing around with fringes and texture. Style it straight or emphasise pretty curls and waves.

The A-line elongated bob

This graduated shape is slightly longer and sharper at the front, making hair appear fuller. It’s Vanessa Hudgens’s go-to, and she always looks incredibly chic.

The layered elongated bob

This Kaia Gerber classic is both glam and laid-back depending on how you style it. We love the volume created by the bouncy layers.

The shoulder-length elongated bob

This blunt, shorter bob has grown out beautifully into a more relaxed cut.

The casual elongated bob

A lived-in air-dried texture looks perfect with this shape.

The fringed elongated bob

Play around with the style by incorporating a statement fringe.

The rounded elongated bob

Soften the shape by cutting out some of the weight around the edges for a more rounded bob.

The blunt elongated bob

The ends still look sharp and slick, keeping that original blunt bob shape.

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