Dr Nassif Skincare Review

What are the best selling Dr. Nassif Skincare products?

Dr. Nassif Skincare products are designed to defend against environmental factors that can prematurely age the skin. This includes the sun’s UV rays and daily pollutants, as well as an emerging area of concern: High Energy Visible (HEV) light. HEV light, also known as blue light, is emitted from electronic devices, digital screen, (smartphone, laptop, TV, tablet, etc), fluorescent and LED light bulbs. The best selling Dr. Nassif Skincare products that defend against these factors include Clock AM serum, Clock PM serum, and Complexion Perfecting Detoxification Pads.

Clock AMDr. Nassif Clock AM is a daytime serum that aims to effectively shield your skin from environmental stressors that can lead to premature aging. This includes a variety of pollutants, which can increase free radical damage and lead to elasticity loss and increased fine lines. Additionally, this serum helps to boost lightweight hydration in order to plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Clock PMDr. Nassif Clock PM serum works to increase the effectiveness of your skincare routine by working alongside your skin’s nocturnal biorhythms. Throughout the night, this serum delivers Roxisomes to repair the damage caused by free radicals.

Complexion Perfecting Detoxification PadsThe Dr. Nassif Detox Pads are said to deep clean, exfoliate, reduce pores, brighten, even skin tone, firm, smooth, reduce inflammation and protect against blue light and free radicals. However, we really doubt these pads can provide all of those benefits, especially considering that the only key ingredient in these pads is witch hazel. Seriously, all of the other ingredients in the Dr. Nassif Detox Pads are used in very low concentrations (less than 1%). We know this by looking at the ingredient list (which is in order of descending concentrations). All of these ingredients are listed after the preservative phenoxyethanol, which cannot be used in concentrations more than 1%.

What are the key Dr. Nassif Skincare ingredients?

The Dr. Nassif Skincare line centers around one central concept: biorhythm. A biorhythm, also known as a circadian rhythm, is a 24-hour cycle that controls the internal clock within our body, which also governs our skin’s regeneration and repair cycles. The Bio-Rhythmic line was designed to work with this rhythm to boost cell repair and improve the condition of your skin overtime. While there are a few companies that have started to create products that focus on this concept, the idea is very new to the skincare and beauty industry. But how the Dr. Nassif Skincare products actually do this is a bit of a mystery. The brand does not explain what ingredients they use to work with the biorhythm of the skin.

Taking a closer look at the product formulations, we noticed that Dr. Nassif Skincare products include pretty common ingredients: silicones, AHAs, BHAs, vitamin C, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants. But the brand does use a few unique ingredients that we’d like to discuss in more detail.

One of these ingredients is Arabidopsis thaliana (mouse-ear cress) extract. This extract stimulates a specifically designed system of liposome delivery involving the DNA repair enzyme known as OGG1. OGG1 is able to identify DNA damage in your skin that could be caused by UV radiation, pollution, cigarettes, etc. DNA damage leads to signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, roughness;, dark spots and pigmentation, sagging, redness and a loss of the skin’s luminosity. After identifying the damage, OGG1 assists the body’s natural process in restoration by beginning the cellular repair process. Essentially, this botanical extract in Dr. Nassif Skincare products recognizes the damage in your skin, and then initiates the body’s natural way of repairing it, speeding up the process of restoring your skin.

Another unique ingredient you’ll find in Dr. Nassif Skincare products is Lepidium Sativum (Swiss Garden Cress) sprout extract. This extract is rich in sulforaphane, a powerful antioxidant phytonutrient. When applied to the skin, this extract effectively inhibits pigmentation by targeting the two key reaction steps in the synthesis of the melanin pigment: it not only neutralizes reactive oxygen species but also inhibits a-MSH, a natural hormone which stimulates skin pigmentation. Overall, Lepidium Sativum sprout extract reduces the effects of daytime stressors and helps to prevent the formation of melanin for a brighter, more luminous skin complexion.

Where is Dr. Nassif Skincare sold?

Dr. Nassif Skincare is sold on the brand’s website, as well as HSN, Costco, Amazon, and Macy’s.

What is the Dr. Nassif Skincare return policy?

The Dr. Nassif Skincare return policy states that you can return a product within 14 days of shipping and they will refund the purchase price paid. The brand does not accept returns on products that have been heavily used.

Is Dr. Nassif Skincare cruelty free?

Dr. Nassif Skincare is cruelty free and the products are officially Leaping Bunny Certified. Leaping Bunny Certification means Dr. Nassif’s products are free of animal testing at every stage of product development.

Dr. Nassif Skincare reviews

Dr. Nassif Skincare reviews on the brand’s website are mostly all positive, however, we’d like to point out that there are very few reviews for each product. For example, Dr. Nassif Clock AM only has four customer reviews and Clock PM only has eight customer reviews. But like we said, the few Dr. Nassif Skincare reviews we were able to find are very positive. For example, one review of the Dr. Nassif Clock AM serum says, “I love it. And it has worked really well for my skin. Leaves it hydrated all day.” Similarly, the Dr. Nassif Clock PM serum has received many raving reviews. For example, one customer shares, “Not heavy… nice and light, no smell… makes wrinkles less visible.”

What are some alternatives to Dr. Nassif Skincare?

Overall, we like the concept of using skincare products that support our body’s biorhythm. However, we wish the brand would display more information and research on what ingredients in their products support the skin’s biorhythm. Without this information, we really can’t know for sure if the Dr. Nassif Skincare products really do work with the skin’s biorhythm. That’s why we’d like to recommend a few alternatives for you to consider.

If you’re looking for a brand that uses cutting-edge, innovative ingredients, we’d recommend Formulyst. One example is Formulyst’s Anti-Wrinkle Peptide Serum, a fragrance-free, anti-aging serum that combines six rejuvenating peptides into one formula. All of these peptides have a unique mechanism of action, and they work together to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The peptides are combined in a base of several potent hydrating ingredients, including glycerin, Chondrus Crispus extract, and sodium hyaluronate. Ultimately, Formulyst Anti-Wrinkle Peptide Serum can help to promote skin that looks and feels smoother, stronger, and more youthful.

Another Formulyst product you can consider is the Ultimate Youth Concentrate. This formula is bioengineered from plant stem cells and contains a concentrated combination of five unique peptides that can stimulate the production of Epidermal Growth Factors (EGF). EGF is a protein naturally found in cells called fibroblasts, which are responsible for producing collagen. It is thought that EGF signals to fibroblasts to produce more collagen, which leads to cell growth, proliferation, and wound healing. As we age, our ability to produce EGF decreases, resulting in the key signs that contribute to aging skin. Applying products that increase EGF production, such as the Formulyst Ultimate Youth Concentrate, may increase skin strength and integrity.

There’s no need to compromise when it comes to finding skincare that is effective and safe. Carrot & Stick takes a tough love approach to skincare, perfectly balancing the power of plants with cutting edge science. Not only is Carrot & Stick good for your skin, it is also good for the environment as the formulas skip harmful chemicals commonly found in skin care products.

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