Correxion Spot Rectifying Facial Serum for Women 30ml

Recommended Use

Use the Correxion Spot Rectifying Facial Serum once daily. It is suggested you use your Correxion Spot Rectifying Facial Serum at night for the sake of convenience.

Apply the Serum 10 minutes after washing your face.

Apply the serum only where the dark spots are present

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

5 15th May 2021

“I’ve had sensitive skin for as long as I can remember! But using this serum my skin sensitivity has reduced so effectively and it also keeps my skin hydrated”

5 12th May 2021

“Some really potent ingredients in this serum! It has helped in rejuvenating my skin and giving it a brighter look”

5 10th May 2021

“I have seen how the dark spots on my face have visibly started to fade since I started using this serum”

5 8th May 2021

“My skin had started to get a little dull and dry and nothing really helped me with this issue. I decided to try this serum and within a few weeks my face has started look bright, well-hydrated, and nourished”

5 4th May 2021

“I have always been conscious of the products I use on my face because of my skin sensitivity. And discovering this serum was the best thing I did. Now I use this every day and I see consistent results that I have always wanted”

5 1st May 2021

“I was looking for a product that would help me in controlling fark patches and the dryness on my face and this serum has been so efficient in doing that for me”

“My skin is neither dry not too oily and nothing really suited my skin when it came to reducing the sensitivity and dullness on my face, and I’m so glad I finally found exactly what I needed in this serum”

“I am always amazed at how ishonest is able to provide just what I look for when it comes to my specific skin concerns! Dark spots and patches are no more a lasting issue for me”

“Does exactly what it claims. Nothing works more efficiently for me in reducing the dark spots than this serum”

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