Condom Size Chart: How Length, Width, and Girth Measure Up Across Brands

Does condom size matter?

Sex can be uncomfortable if you don’t have the right condom fit.

An outside condom that’s too big or too small can slip off of your penis or break, increasing the risk of pregnancy or disease transmission. It could also affect your ability to orgasm. That’s why knowing your condom size is important for safe and pleasurable sex.

Condom sizes do vary across manufacturers, so what’s “regular” to one brand may be “large” to another. Once you know your penis size, though, you’ll be able to find the right condom easily. Here’s how.

How to measure

In order to know what condom is best, you’ll need to measure your penis. You can use a ruler or measuring tape. To get the right size, measure your penis while it’s erect.

If you measure your penis when it’s flaccid, you’ll only get measurements at its minimum size. This means you could end up buying a condom smaller than you need.

You’ll need to know your length, width, and girth in order to know the right condom fit.

Remember that your girth is the distance around your penis. Your width is your diameter. You should measure your penis twice to make sure you got the right numbers.

To measure your penis, follow the steps below:

For length:

  1. Place either a ruler or measuring tape at the base of your erect penis.
  2. Press the ruler into the pubic bone as far as possible. Fat can sometimes hide your penis’ true length.
  3. Measure your erect penis from the base to the end of the tip.

For girth:

  1. Use a piece of string or flexible measuring tape.
  2. Gently wrap the string or tape around the thickest part of your penis’ shaft.
  3. If using string, mark where the string meets and measure the string distance with a ruler.
  4. If using a flexible measuring tape, just mark the measurement once it reaches around your penis.

For width:

You can figure out the width of your penis the same way you’d determine the diameter of a circle. To do this, divide your girth measurement by 3.14. The resulting number is your width.

Condom size chart

These condom measurements have been pulled from online sources such as product pages, consumer review sites, and online stores, so the information may not be 100 percent accurate.

You should always confirm a comfortable fit before use.

How to put a condom on correctly

Selecting the right size won’t matter if you don’t wear it correctly. If you don’t put the condom on the right way, it’s more likely to break or fall off. This means it won’t work as well in preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Here’s how to put on a condom the right way:

  1. Check the expiration date. An expired condom is less effective and more liable to break because the material starts to break down.
  2. Check for wear and tear. Condoms stored in a wallet or purse may be sat on or folded. This can wear down the material.
  3. Open the wrapper carefully. Don’t use your teeth, as this may tear the condom.
  4. Place the condom on the tip of your erect penis. Pinch the condom top to push out any air and leave a reservoir.
  5. Roll the condom down to the base of your penis, but make sure it’s not inside out before you do.
  6. If the condom isn’t lubricated, apply some water-based lube to the condom. Avoid using oil-based lubes, as they may cause the condom to break more easily.
  7. After you ejaculate, hold onto the condom’s base while pulling out. This will prevent it from slipping off.
  8. Remove the condom and tie a knot at the end. Wrap it in a tissue and toss it in the trash.

What if the condom is too small or too big?

When you wear the right size condom, you’re much more likely to prevent pregnancy and STIs. Most condoms fit the average-sized penis, so if your penis is slightly larger than 5 inches when erect, you could wear a “snug” condom just fine.

But don’t go for just any condom. Although length is often the same across different brands and types, width and girth are most important when selecting a condom.

This is where comfort comes in: A condom that’s too small in width may feel tight around the tip of your penis and has the potential to break. A condom that feels too loose around the tip or base may not work effectively and can slip off.

Does the condom material matter?

Condoms also come in different materials. Most condoms are made with latex, but some brands offer non-latex alternatives for people with allergies or who are looking for variety.

These materials include:

  • Polyurethane. Condoms made out of polyurethane, a type of plastic, are the most popular alternative to latex condoms. Polyurethane is thinner than latex and is better at conducting heat.
  • Polyisoprene. Polyisoprene is the closet material to latex, but it lacks the chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction. It’s thicker than polyurethane, but it feels soft and less like rubber. Polyisoprene condoms tend to stretch more than polyurethane condoms.
  • Lambskin. Lambskin is one of the oldest condom materials. It’s made from cecum, a membrane inside a sheep’s intestines. It’s thin, durable, fully biodegradable, and can conduct heat well. But unlike other condoms, lambskin condoms don’t protect against STIs.

What about inside condoms?

Inside condoms offer the same protections against pregnancy and STIs as outisde condoms do. They’re made of synthetic latex and are pre-lubricated with silicone-based lube.

Unlike outside condoms, inside condoms come in one size designed to fit most vaginal canals. You can pick up inside condoms at most health clinics. They’re also available online.

You should never use inside and outside condoms at the same time. Both condoms can break because of too much friction, or stick together and slip off.

The bottom line

Choosing the right condom can be confusing and even a little nerve-racking. But it doesn’t have to be! Once you measure your penis size, you’ll be able pick out the best condom for you without a problem.

Not only is a proper fit key to preventing pregnancy and disease transmission, but it also helps make sex more comfortable and can enhance your orgasm. Write down your measurements and get shopping!

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