Skincerity skin care products

There are currently only two Skincerity products: Skincerity Nightly Breathable Masque and Skincerity Renew.

Skincerity Nightly Breathable Masque is intended to produce a wide range of anti-aging and moisturizing effects. For example, the Skincerity mask is said to keep your skin deeply hydrated by sealing in your own natural moisture to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores on the face, hands, neck, and chest, while delivering a continual source of nutrients to combat sun damage. The manufacturer claims that it works by creating a layer on the skin, called the “Breathable Barrier”, that locks in moisture overnight. The protective layer is permeable to oxygen, which still allows the skin to breathe. We’ll discuss the controversial ingredients used in to create this “breathable masque” in the following section.

Skincerity Renew was created specifically for skin tightening and collagen building. According to the manufacturer, the formula can strengthen collagen in the skin to create a tightening and wrinkle-reduction effect. Further, the manufacturer claims that the formula is able to reduce the damage to telomeres in skin DNA, thereby slowing the aging process.

What are the key Skincerity ingredients?

Skincerity is an interesting brand because it makes bold claims, yet some of the formula ingredients are quite controversial. For example, the key ingredient in both Skincerity products is acetone. Yes, you read that correctly, acetone, also the main ingredient in nail polish remover.

You may have heard of celebrities using acetone in their skin care routines, such as when Kendall and Kylie Jenner revealed that a “slush facial” (acetone and dry ice) is the key to their flawless skin. It is true that some dermatologists used acetone during facials and to prep the skin before certain treatments, such as laser resurfacing.

However, acetone should only ever be administered by skin care professionals since it is toxic, flammable, and can cause damage to the skin if used improperly. This is because acetone is extremely drying and it immediately damages substances (such as fatty acids) in skin that keep it smooth and healthy. Due to these negative effects, we have to wonder: why is acetone the key ingredient in Skincerity products?

According to the manufacturer, acetone is included in Skincerity products because it “flash dries off the skin in 2 to 3 seconds to turn the liquid into a dry, skin barrier masque”. Apparently, this creates microscopic “skin healthy” breathing pores so your skin can get the vital oxygen it needs. And finally, they use acetone as a preservative to keep bacteria out of the bottle and off your face. While this is an interesting theory, we don’t think that these purported benefits outweigh the drying, damaging nature of putting acetone on your skin.

To make matters worse, there are several more questionable ingredients in both Skincerity products. First is fluoropolymer, a polymer chemical that is typically used in Teflon-coated cookware, paints, stain-resistant carpeting, and a host of other commercial applications. There are also polymers in these formulas that are typically seen in hairsprays. The manufacturer claims that these proprietary polymers create a thin, flexible “Breathable Barrier”, which is meant to work for hours and function just like your skin.

The rest of the Skincerity mask formula only contains vitamin E, water, grape seed oil, and fragrance. That’s it! Vitamin E and grape seed oil are beneficial (yet pretty standard) skin care ingredients. Fragrance, on the other hand, doesn’t benefit the skin at all. In fact, fragrance ingredients are well known to cause skin irritation and damage. You see, fragrance ingredients impart scent through a volatile reaction, and this natural reaction almost always causes a sensitizing reaction on skin. Even if you don’t have a full blown reaction to the fragrance ingredients, the damage may still be occurring every day. Ultimately, this can cause mild problems for your skin in the short term and worse problems in the long term.

Besides acetone and polymers, the Skincerity Renew formula only contains water and one interesting ingredient called Juvinity (caprylic/capric triglyceride- geranylgeranyl isopropanol). According to the manufacturer, Juvinity protects the cells from oxidative damage, ensures optimal mitochondrial activity, reactivates the synthesis of major dermal constituents, preserves the cytoskeleton functionality, and prolongs cell lifespan by maintaining telomere length. Ultimately, this should provide anti-aging benefits. But we’d like to point out that Juvinity is the very last ingredient in the Skincerity Renew formula, which means it is the lowest concentration ingredient in the formula.

Where are Skincerity skin care products sold?

Although we don’t recommend Skincerity, you should know that unless you’re purchasing online from a third-party supplier, such as Amazon or eBay, you cannot order products from Nucerity’s site unless you have a Nucerity sponsor and know that sponsor’s ID and user name. As you can see, it’s a bit of a challenge to purchase Skincerity products. We also strongly suspect any Nucerity sponsor you encounter will attempt to convince you to become a distributor too since that’s a big way they make money.

What is the Skincerity return policy?

The Skincerity return policy states, “If you are not satisfied, you will have 30 days from the date of your purchase to return the product. Simply return the unused portion in the original box for a prompt refund of the purchase price. Shipping and Handling fees are non–refundable.”

Is Skincerity cruelty free?

ARIIX, the parent company of Nucerity, is cruelty free. In 2016, ARIIX received official cruelty-free recognition from PETA along with rights to use the Beauty Without Bunnies program branding.

Skincerity reviews

Skincerity reviews are a mix of positive and negative. Many of the positive reviews point out the Skincerity Mask can help with acne, scars, pores, and pigmentation. Quite a few negative Skincerity reviews suggest that the acetone has lead to skin irritation, dryness, and other side effects. Furthermore, some consumers express confusion about why the products cost as much as they do, given the relatively simple ingredients. It seems that the comparatively high price played at least some part in the negative Skincerity reviews.

What are some alternatives to Skincerity?

Overall, we’re pretty disappointed in the Skincerity products. While the manufacturer justifies why they use acetone in their formulations, we really do not think the purported benefits outweigh the drying, damaging nature of putting acetone on your skin. But don’t worry, we have an alternative for you to consider if you’re looking for anti-aging skin care products: Formulyst. By only using what’s proven and performance-tested, Formulyst offers a unique combination of beneficial anti-aging ingredients in their products.

One product we recommend is Formulyst’s Anti-Aging Concentrate. This fragrance free serum contains high concentrations of anti-aging ingredients like alpha- arbutin, peptides, green tea extract, vitamins C and E, and more. Plus, there are plenty of emollients in the formula, such as shea butter and squalane, that help your skin to feel soft without leaving a greasy residue. Formulyst’s Anti- Aging Concentrate is truly an all-in-one serum that can help condition your complexion while helping to reduce the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.

There’s no need to compromise when it comes to finding skincare that is effective and safe. Carrot & Stick takes a tough love approach to skincare, perfectly balancing the power of plants with cutting edge science. Not only is Carrot & Stick good for your skin, it is also good for the environment as the formulas skip harmful chemicals commonly found in skin care products.

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