Cheap Sex Toys Under $75

Getting off doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of cheap sex toys on the market, and just because you’re not forking over $200 for a vibrator doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing the quality of your pleasure. Budget-friendly toys—from vibrators to dildos to butt plugs—exist. In fact, there are a lot of affordable toys out there, which might make it trickier to know which ones are actually good.

Just like with anything you invest in, it’s important to do your research and know that the toy you’re looking into has the features you want and need and that it ideally has the reviews to vouch for it. Many of the best sex toys won’t have a lot of reviews, solely because of the nature of the product (and if that’s the case, know that this isn’t necessarily because the product isn’t good; you might need to cross-reference the information you do have with other retailers).

Another thing to look out for? Ensuring that what you're buying is body-safe. Some of the cheapest adult sex toys on the market can be made from materials experts generally agree you don't want in your body (such as PVC, or “jelly rubber”), so opt for products made of silicone, metal, and glass—and even try the sex toy smell test. Whether you're upgrading your sex life or masturbation game, we’ve rounded up some of the best high-quality yet cheap sex toys, all under $75.

Luna Personal Wand Massager

With more than 10,000 five-star reviews, this beloved toy has plenty of happy customers who can vouch for what this wand can offer. “I usually opt for cheap massagers to save money. But the kind I usually get were becoming hard to find. So I decided to try this little diddy out. HOLY MAN AND A SIDE OF BEANS!! This thing is the best thing. Like melted butter on a hot NYC bagel. Best 20 bucks I have ever spent,” one reviewer wrote. The Luna has eight speeds, a long-lasting battery life (two-plus hours), quiet vibrations, and best of all: It's crafted with safe and soft, buttery silicone.

FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet

For under $75, this premium bullet vibe (it feels and holds more like a mini wand) comes with a whopping 20 vibration modes, and we love a toy with options. It's incredibly lightweight and compact, making it comfortable to hold while in use, and easy to store and travel with. And speaking of convenience, it's also USB-chargeable. Made from 100% body-safe silicone, the FemmeFunn bullet is simple to wipe down when you're all done.

Lelo Sona

This OG is the perfect starter vibrator, when compared with the more expensive Cruise and Sona 2. But it doesn’t skimp on power. It also uses sonic pulses for contactless pleasure felt deep within the entire clitoris, not just the outer portion that’s targeted by more traditional toys. It features eight different (and intensely pleasurable) settings—which is especially nice if you’re a bit more sensitive down there.

Dame Zee Bullet Vibe

This classic bullet vibrator is discreet and compact, but don't mistake that for being any less powerful or pleasurable than a full-sized wand. With a focused tip and sides that can be used to cover just the right amount of surface area, the Zee comes with three speeds and an easy-to-access power button, so you're not fumbling around when you're getting down.

Unbound Nudge Butt Plug

Of course, if you prefer a anal plug made of silicone, look no further than Unbound's Romp. It's made from safe, medical-grade materials and has a slender curve design. (Just make sure not to pair it with silicone lubes.)

CalExotics Butterfly Kiss

This adorable travel-size clit and G-spot stimulator comes with three speeds and is loved for its ultra-soft material, which feels buttery smooth on your skin. Its standout feature, the Butterfly Kiss, exists solely to stimulate and massage your clit with its fluttering movements (think tongue, but, dare we say, better?). It just needs 2AAA batteries and you're good to go. It's also waterproof, so feel very free to take it with you to the tub.

Mantric Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

Many clit owners swear by the wand if they ultimately want to reach clitoral pleasure, and orgasm by clit stimulation can be incredibly intense. When looking for a good wand vibe, it's smart to look for features like an easy-to- hold shaft, which the Mantric Wand provides (it's easier to hold while you're getting down to business). And since it's cordless, you've got a lot of room to sprawl without worrying about an outlet. With seven modes of vibration and a bulbous head that allows you to massage the clit with precision and control, this clitoral vibrator is a great option. Bonus: You can use it on sore muscles, post-workout.

Eden Tulip Vibrator

Another great option for G-spot-focused pleasure, the Eden Tulip vibrator has a bulbous tip that's designed to stimulate the G-spot, and can also be used to pleasure the clit and vulva as a whole. The flexible design makes it easy to hold, and the 10 vibration patterns allow you to choose your intensity levels. It's simple and no-frills, but it gets the job done.\

Lovehoney Jeweled Metal Beginner’s Butt Plug

Thinking about experimenting with butt play? You don't have to splurge on tools you need, especially if you're looking for butt plugs for beginners. This metal butt plug (2.5 inches) smoothly inserts (although we highly recommend lube, since the butt does not naturally lubricate!) and is easy to clean. The metal also gives you the opportunity to play with temp control, and the nickel-free zinc-alloy material is ideal for sensitive skin. The bejeweled base is also a pretty touch.

Shibari Mini Halo Plus Vibrator

Another sex toy Amazon can't get enough of, the Shibari, which has achieved cult status in its own right. With 20 types of pulsations, the Shibari, even in its miniature form, is strong and provides an intense experience. This review just about sums up the magic of the Shibari: “OK, so, when I read all the reviews for this product I thought, 'no way! they're exaggerating!' So, I'm trying to find words...bless my husband, but…there's no comparing! This is amazing, the power! The intensity! The satisfaction it's brought to both of us! I'm now an opera, kidding.”

Sensual-U Cordless Wand

It's hard to believe this luxe-looking wand is only $40. Aside from its elegant presentation, it's also powerful and long-lasting, gives you three hours of use without needing to recharge, and provides you with a variety of settings to choose from (eight levels of intensity and 20 different patterns). Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold, and it's simple to clean (while you can wash with water and soap, just note that it's not waterproof). “Pretty sure I cried rainbows and unicorns after the first 3 uses. Then waited a few minutes to come back to life. I love ‘her’ so much I'm buying a back up,” an Amazon reviewer wrote.

Satisfyer Endless Fun Couples Vibrator

The vibrator was designed to be used during partnered sex, because the more the merrier! While having sex or even during foreplay, use the vibrator to stimulate the clit, G-spot, and P-spot with its two different heads. You can even get resourceful and double the pronged end as a cock ring—simply slide it over your partner's shaft, giving them the feeling of double penetration.

Basics Vibrating Waterproof Cock Ring

This cock ring has a little something for everyone. First, its basic function is to prolong erections, and it also gives the wearer the sensation that they're thrusting even deeper than they are. Its other feature, the vibrating bullets that send vibrations to the clit and balls, feel extra good for both parties. This ring has about 30 minutes of play time.

CalExotics Hide & Play Lipstick Vibrator

For the person who's looking for an extra-discreet sex toy: This one looks exactly like a tube of lipstick, so you can carry it wherever you go, or be bold and leave it on the nightstand; your roommates will be none the wiser. Meanwhile, this tiny vibe really packs a punch with its eight vibration, pulsation, and escalation functions that provide your solo playtime a ton of versatility. Use its “lipstick” tip to angle just the right amount of pressure and stimulation. It's made with completely body-safe materials and is also safe to take a dip in the tub with you.

Lovehoney Power Play 10-Function Silicone G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

On hunt for a rabbit vibe? This G-spot vibrator is designed to give you both external and internal pleasure. With three-speed and seven-speed patterns in the ears (which you can independently controlled, based on what you like), not only does this toy focus on the G-spot, but your clit gets some much needed love and attention too. The shaft also has three speeds for toe-curling internal sensations.

Surge Silicone Rechargeable Vibrator

The design of the Surge vibrator is meant to feel like the extension of your finger, as its compact and angular. While it's mainly meant to be used to stimulate the clit, it can also be used for shallow insertion. With intense, incremental speeds, you can easily pump up the jam when you find you're getting closer to climax, the vibrator is easy to use with a one-touch on and off button. It's waterproof as well, so don't be shy taking your toy in with you in the shower for solo play or partnered sex with a third party.

Lovehoney Wickedly Powerful Love Egg Vibrator

This egg-shaped vibrator fits in the palm of your hand and is basically the definition of discreet, if that's what you're going for. But just because it's small doesn't make it any less mighty. Ideal for solo and couple play, you and your partner can use the accompanying remote control to dictate how strong you want the stimulation to be. Since it comes with a remote, you can even use the egg hands-free, externally or internally. (Hot tip: It can also be used inside underwear as a panty vibrator, too.)

Maude Drop All-Body Massager

This little raindrop-shaped three-speed vibrator is so cute and aesthetically pleasing, you could display it on your bedside table without anyone knowing it was a sex toy. It's made of platinum-grade, water-resistant silicone and can be used on your genitals or on the rest of your body to soothe sore muscles.

Ripple Silicone Rechargeable Vibrator

This unique vibrator has a sting-ray-like shape that covers a lot of surface area, if external stimulation is what you're aiming for. With its 10 functions, this vibrator may be on the more petite side, but it's powerful for clitoral stimulation. Easy to hold, it's the perfect toy to take with you to the tub, since it's waterproof. Get two hours of play time before needing to recharge (it has a USB charger).

Smartballs Duo Kegel Balls

If you're looking to explore the benefits of kegel balls—which you put inside your vagina to exercise your pelvic muscles—these provide an affordable way to do that. Each toy has two balls made of soft silicone, so you can insert both or just one. You can wear them while you masturbate for a hands-free penetration experience, do kegel exercises with them in, or wear them as you're walking around for an on-the-go workout.

Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set

Whether you're in the market for a dildo for G-spot or P-spot stimulation, these glass dildos provide feel-good texture and the ability for the user to play with cold and hot temperatures before penetration (plus, many love toys made of glass, since they're easiest to clean). For $50 you do get two dildos, with the clear one curved to specifically hit the G-spot or P-spot. It's also good to note that these glass dildos are safe to use with all lubes.

G-Spot Bullet Vibrator

Not only can you use this bullet vibrator for clit stimulation, but it can also be used for nipple and anal stimulation. Thanks to its precision, it serves multiple purposes and provides enough power and sensation you need for whatever use you choose. Quiet, discreet, and made with nontoxic and body-safe materials, this bullet vibe is the multiuse sex toy you need in your arsenal.

Waterslyde Aquatic Stimulator

For many vulva-owners, lying underneath a bath faucet is an effective and enjoyable way to masturbate and orgasm. However, not all faucets are set up to make this easy. For those wanting to explore this form of pleasure, the Waterslyde creates a flow of water that is strong and targeted at the clitoris. With a pink, purple, or blue color and a ribbon at the top, it also looks cute in your bathtub.

Paloqueth Male Vibrating Prostate Massager

Although this is billed as a vibrating prostate massage, you can actually use it with your female partner too. It massages the prostate, can be used anally, and stimulates the G-spot as well. Use it solo or with your partner to kick your pleasure up several notches. It comes with two intense motors on either tip as well as 10 stimulation patterns. One male Amazon reviewer wrote, “I read that this action works the massager against your prostate and boy did it. While masturbating I turned on the vibrations. They all feel good but the second one hits me just right. I've never had an orgasm so strong. Now I can't imagine masturbating without this massager. Well done, Paloqueth. This massager hits all the right spots.”

Satisfyer Partner Multifun Vibrator

This uniquely shaped vibrator is meant to be worn during partnered sex, so it's a hands-free way to experience next-level pleasure. With three motors (one is in the upper main body, while the other two are in the lower parts of the U-shape), wherever this vibrator makes contact, it's sure to provide extra stimulation. How you wear it is up to you and your partner, but some find it most effective when worn like a cock ring for the penis owner. You can even use the multi- fun vibrator as a nipple clamp for BDSM play. The possibilities are literally endless.

Satisfyer Sweet Treat Clit Stimulator

As Selena Gomez once sang, “Look so good yeah, look so sweet / Baby, you deserve a treat.” And with the Satisfyer Sweet Treat, which is a rotating clit stimulator, you'll find yourself easily reaching climax, the ultimate treat. With rotating top ribs and 10 rotation settings, this is the toy you need in your collection if clitoral orgasms are your thing.

Paloqueth G-Spot Finger Vibrator

Slip this finger vibrator on like a ring and brace yourself for some fun solo play. The ring feature is meant for ultra-controlled movement around your vulva and in your vagina to hit the G-spot (which is what the toy was specially designed for). Coming with nine vibration modes and wireless remote control, use one hand to control the settings, while the other is doing the work. It's also waterproof, so it's absolutely tub and shower-friendly.

CalExotics Advanced Nipple Suckers

Some nipple owners get intense pleasure from stimulating their nipples, and some even orgasm from these (lucky!). While fingers usually do the trick, there's almost always a toy for everything, and that includes nipple pleasure. These nipple suckers truly feel like your nipples are getting sucked on. Simply place the suckers on nipples, and the toys create a vacuum.

Satisfyer Soft Silicone Anal Beads

The two-pack, which comes in a cute blue and pink, features five beads (each), so you can work your way up if you want. Perfect for beginners who want to give anal-bead pleasure a go, both come with handles for seamless and slick removal. We just recommend using lube (water-based only) since the butt doesn't self- lubricate.

Unbound Puff Suction Toy

Suction toys are popular for their ability to deliver fast, intense, and multiple orgasms, but most of them are on the pricey side. This one is affordable at just 48 bucks and also has a super cute color and shape. It's waterproof and USB-chargeable—charge it for an hour and a half and you can use it for two to three hours—and boasts five intensity settings to keep things exciting.

Diskreet Air by Bellesa

For those seeking the powerful intensity of suction toys, this is another affordable option. Bellesa calls this its “strongest suction vibrator,” though you could be fooled by its small body, which fits neatly into a clamshell case, so you can take it anywhere without anyone knowing what it is: Put it in your purse, and it looks like a makeup compact. It's waterproof and charges easily through a magnetic USB in the case.

Happy Rabbit Finger Vibrator

This toy offers the two-pronged stimulation of the classic rabbit vibrator, with bunny ears that each fit on either side of the clitoris and a little bunny nose can stimulate the center of the clit. It also has a tail that fits between your fingers, so you don't have to do any work to hold it. It's waterproof and has 12 vibration modes controlled by two simple buttons. Plus, it's very pink and very adorable.

Eggplant Emojibator

This vibrator is known for its resemblance to the flirty eggplant emoji, but it's also a crowd favorite because of its 10 vibration settings, easily controlled through one twisty top, and affordable price, at just $34. It's made of waterproof, medical-grade silicone and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, making it great for travel or partner play.

Lux Fetish Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug

This unique four-inch butt plug can inflate whether it's inside or outside your body, so you can adjust the size according to what you're in the mood for at the moment. It also vibrates with seven remote-controlled vibration modes, allowing you to explore anal pleasure in a safe and comfortable way.

Big Teaze Toys I Rub My Ducky Vibrator

If you're looking for an adorable vibrator that disguises its identity as a sex toy—or a fun gift to give a sex-positive friend—this rubber ducky will deliver. It floats and is waterproof, so you can really take it into the bath, and it's got seven vibration modes and a unique shape to target different sensitive spots.

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