Budget (Affordable) Hair Dryers According to Reviewers

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Hairstyling is an important part of our everyday life. Your hairstyle can define how you look to a great extent but professional hair styling tools do not come cheap. That can be such a bummer! However, if you’re looking for a set of great hair dryers that have considerable features like a professional salon one but at an affordable price, we’ve got your back! A few features like the heat setting, coating, removable attachments, wattage, weight, and even cord length are crucial to a good hair dryer. Hair Dryers that are user-friendly and prevent excess damage to your hair is what you should be looking out for. Therefore, it is vital to understand the different features and types of affordable hair dryers.

We at ishonest, have curated a list of 13 of the best affordable hair dryers for your hairstyling needs.

13 Fantastic And Affordable Hair Dryers With Reviews

ishonest No.501 - Frizzy Hair

No.501 - Frizzy Hair

Caution: Do not place the appliances near a tub or sink.

1. Conair 1875 Pro Hair Dryer

Have you ever struggled with frizz when you blow dry your hair? We’ve got the right solution for you! The Conair 1875 Pro Hair Dryer is just what you need to get smooth, shiny hair with less frizz. Its ceramic tourmaline technology ensures that the heat is spread uniformly throughout thereby reducing the damage. The blow dryer has three different hair settings with two different speeds to cater to all types of hair. After getting the desired results, you can finish off by giving your hair a whiff of cold air with the cool shot button feature.


  • Uses ionic technology to provide shine
  • Includes a concentrator for focused airflow
  • Comes with an attachable sleek nozzle for styling hair
  • Removable filter to make it easy to clean


2. Conair InfinitiPro Hair Styling Tool
For strong and hydrated hair

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If you want salon style performance, the Conair InfinitiPro Hair Styling Tool is your pick. It uses ionic technology for smooth, shiny looking hair and contains frizz up to 75%. The removable filter protects the device from product build up and keeps it long lasting. One of the best affordable hair dryers in the market, this device uses a professional AC motor which dries your hair 50x faster than the others. It also gives you 3x longer dryer life.


  • Ceramic technology for uniform heat distribution
  • Includes a diffuser for textured styles
  • Customizable heat flow
  • 6 foot power cord
  • Includes a concentrator for smooth styles


3. Hot Tools Signature Series Turbo Ionic Hair Dryer

Designed with ionic turbo ceramic technology, the Hot Tools Signature Series Turbo Ionic Hair Dryer leaves you enjoying salon style perfect blowouts all day and night. The ceramic technology emits far-infrared heat that protects the cuticle layer from over styling. Suitable for all hair types, this versatile but affordable hair dryer has an option on six speeds and heats. It also has a cold shot button to help set your styled hair last longer. Let your hair get that salon-worthy finish everyday!

ishonest No.232 - Pigmentation & Blemishes

No.232 - Pigmentation & Blemishes


  • Powerful airflow to define natural waves
  • Bonus attachments of diffuser and concentrator
  • Soft-touch comfort grip
  • Easy cleaning
  • Lightweight design


4. Remington Damage Protection Hair Dryer

For shiny, smooth and frizz-free hair, the new and improved Remington Damage Protection Hair Dryer is your go-to choice. This powerful dryer uses an advanced coating that protects your hair 3x times more than other dryers during styling. This hair dryer uses its proprietary micro-conditioning technology to keep hair healthy and shiny. The attachable diffuser and concentrator that come with it produce more volume and precision for your styling technique.


  • Combines ceramic + ionic + tourmaline grill
  • Faster drying power with 1875 watt
  • Three heat, two speed strong airflow
  • Includes a cool shot button
  • Removable air filter
Volume and structure for your hair

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5. Andis Hair Dryer

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The affordable hair dryer uses high ionic technology that breaks up water molecules to give you a quicker drying time. It has a high velocity airflow with a three air/heat setting to tame frizzy hair. The ceramic technology produces even heat and preserves the natural oils in your hair. The body material is polymer and it also has a cool shot button to lock in your hairstyle. One of the best affordable hair dryers, the Andis Hair Dryer includes a soft-bristle attachment for smooth, frizz-free hair.


  • Ceramic even heat seals in moisture
  • Dual voltage for worldwide travel
  • Turbo boost for high speed
  • Includes wide tooth comb and fine tooth comb
ishonest No.331 - Terminate Acne

No.331 - Terminate Acne


6. Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Folding Handle Hair Dryer

As the name suggests, this unique yet efficient hair dryer has a full 1875 watts of drying power and can be great for travel. Why? Because it has a folding handle that makes it compact and perfectly storable by taking less space. It has two heat and speed settings which helps you style your hair in different ways.


  • Dual voltage worldwide use
  • Two different speed and heat levels
  • Enables versatile styling
  • Folding handle for easy storage


7. Revlon Lightweight Hair Dryer
Activates the microcirculation of scalp and strengthens the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth

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Reduce the frizz in your hair with the Revlon Lightweight Hair Dryer. It is equipped with 2 speed settings and a cool shot button to style your hair comfortably. This hair dryer provides fast hair drying with 1875 watts. The advanced ionic technology provides less frizzy, shiny, and healthy hair. In addition, the device comes with anti-slip bumpers that give you a good grip as you style your hair.


  • Hanging loop
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Long-lasting results
8. Nition Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer

For a hair dryer that impresses with its high performance, the Nition Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer runs on a durable AC motor that produces a strong airflow to dry your hair. It’s designed to feature a double protection circuit that prevents overheating and over current waves. It also comes with three attachments and three heat settings. The hair dryer has two wind seed settings and one cool shot button to retain styled hair for a longer time. It has a 7.5 feet long power cord with a hanging loop for easy and convenient hair drying.


  • Ceramic coated grill fused with argan oil, nano silver, and tourmaline
  • Hot hair emitted with these elements leaves hair silky, shiny, and frizz-free
  • Includes 3 accessories— diffuser, comb, concentrator
  • Removable air inlet grill for easy cleaning
ishonest No.231 - Pigmentation & Blemishes

No.231 - Pigmentation & Blemishes


9. BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Travel Compact Dryer

Compact, travel-friendly, and powerful, the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Travel Compact Dryer is lightweight and suitable for all hair types. Thick or thin hair, curly, wavy or straight hair, fine or coarse hair, all you need is to get your hands on this affordable hair dryer and rock out in style. It functions on 1000 watt power, has dual voltage and two heat and speed settings. Get shiny, frizz-free and healthy-looking hair with this hair dryer.


  • Ionic technology to dry hair fast with less frizz
  • Includes removable filter and stand
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Foldable handle for easy storage


10. GSK ION Hair Dryer
Free your hair follicles

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Style your hair with the GSK ION Hair Dryer that features 3 heat settings and a cool shot button. It comes with an automatic switch-off feature that prevents overheating. This hair dryer comes with a diffuser and a concentrator nozzle. In addition, the powerful motor enables even heat distribution and quick drying. The ionic technology prevents heat damage, repairs hair scales, provides deep nourishment to your hair, and adds shine.


  • Sleek and smooth design
  • Anti-static
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for men and women


11. Joyyum Professional Hair Dryer

Keeping in mind different styling techniques, the Joyyum Professional Hair Dryer allows versatile styling for all types of hair. It features ionic technology that releases negative ions to reduce static frizz, making hair soft, shiny, and smooth. The three heat and two speed technology makes you adjust heat according to how much your hair requires so that you can get the desired style of your choice. It is a great gifting option for your friends and family to show them you care and to give them an edge in hairstyling.

ishonest No.242 - Stretch Marks

No.242 - Stretch Marks


  • Negative ions help smoothen hair cuticle
  • Ions protect hair from heat damage and locks in moisture
  • Includes a concentrator and a large finger diffuser
  • Removable filter for timely cleaning
  • Runs on durable and long-lasting AC motor


12. John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Dryer

A lightweight and affordable hair dryer for easy hair drying, the John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Dryer is perfect to take with you while traveling without adding a lot of weight to your luggage. It comes with a diffuser that can dry naturally curly hair and waves while also reducing frizz. It also features a professional rocker switch that helps you customize your styling experience. Made with a high voltage advanced ionic generator, this budget hair dryer is easy on your hair and locks in your style with the cold shot.


  • Attain frizz-free hair with the ionic technology
  • Titanium ceramic coated grill for even heat distribution
  • Custom styling with customizable heat
  • Cold shot to retain your hairstyle
  • Lightweight AC motor
When the scales of the hair fiber are opened, the hair becomes tangled and matted - Repair the damage

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13. Panasonic Low Noise Ionity Hair Dryer

How many times have you wondered if you wanted to use your hair dryer when someone is sleeping in the same room as you because of all the noise it makes? Well, you will not have to worry about that with the Panasonic Low Noise Ionity Hair Dryer. It is one of the best quiet hair dryers that dries hair quickly. Not just silent and lightweight, but it’s also easy to use while blow drying with a hair brush.


  • Low noise level
  • Ionic technology for silky hair
  • Helps retain hair moisture
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Made especially for Japanese market
  • Requires an adaptor or power transformer to use in other countries

Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Budget Hair Dryer?

What Is The Best Inexpensive Hair Dryer?
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To choose one of the best inexpensive hair dryers, the thing to keep in mind is that it has to be feature-led. The right wattage, weight, accessories, and coating will make a hair dryer suitable for any hair and the best to enable professional salon styling. Over the years, hair dryers have evolved drastically and now it is possible to get a good feature-filled hair dryer for a cheaper price.

How Long Should A Hair Dryer Last?

Typically, according to hairstyle experts, a good quality hair dryer should last for about two to seven years. But this solely depends on you and how much you use it. If you use a hair dryer every day, it should last for close to two years but lower the frequency of use, the shelf life of your hair dryer will increase. It also depends on how well you take care of it.

What Are The Key Features To Consider While Buying A Hair Dryer?

To ensure that your hair sustains minimum damage, you must choose the ones that don’t skimp on their performance but have protective features that help your hair. Depending on the type of hair you have, here are some of the features to look out for when you’re choosing your hair dryer:

Hairstyling is an important aspect of looking the best version of you. With the wide variety of hair dryers available in the market, it can become overwhelming and expensive to choose from a professional salon-style hair dryer. We hope our list made it a simple task to buy a budget-friendly and affordable hair dryer. What is your favorite blow drying technique? Comment below and let us know which hair dryer from our list you are excited to try.

Frequently Asked Questions
ishonest No.313 - Prevent Acne

No.313 - Prevent Acne

Are Cheap Hair Dryers Good?

Hair dryers have come a long way since the time they started. Many budget- friendly air dryers offer great features and technology to style your hair as you desire.

Is Ionic Or Ceramic Hair Dryer Better?

Hair dryers with ceramic grills regulate the temperatures to prevent heat damage while ionic hair dryers break down water molecules to help tame frizzy hair.

How to prevent pimples?

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Why Is My Hair Dryer Getting Hot?

If your hair dryer is getting too hot too fast, it is an indicator that it needs replacement. The average shelf life of a hair dryer is between 2-7 years depending on your usage.

How To Not Burn Your Hair?

Good quality hair dryers will prevent your hair from burning. Always choose hair dryers according to your hair type and apply a heat protectant in case of excessively damaged hair.

Is A 2000 Watt Hair Dryer Good?

According to experts, the heat range for good hair dryers is between 1000-1800 watts. Anything above that is unnecessary for the hair and may cause too much damage.

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