Breastfeeding-Friendly Workout Tops for Postpartum Exercise

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Once you’re cleared by your doctor and genuinely feel up to it, establishing a workout routine after giving birth can be a welcome experience. Postpartum exercise can give you a chance to get in tune with yourself and notice how you’re feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Working out postpartum has an abundance of benefits. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, exercise helps to build muscle strength, improve your overall health and well-being, and can even be a mood booster.

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You may also increase your energy levels, sleep deeper, and alleviate stress, all while shedding some of your pregnancy weight and rebuilding that all- important core strength — just be sure that you’re cleared for exercise by your doctor first!

Do you need a breastfeeding-friendly top?

The short answer is: It’s up to you. Now that you’re breastfeeding, your favorite pre-pregnancy workout tops might not be as functional as you need them to be.

Getting back into a fitness routine can be enough of a challenge without trying to squeeze your postpartum breasts into the wildly strappy Lululemon tank you used to wear to yoga or that supportless cut-up T-shirt from your college years.

Luckily, as it turns out, there are workout tanks made specifically for breastfeeding moms.

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You can wear these intelligently designed tank tops as a base layer, and even mix them up with more fashionable pieces, especially if you’re on the go. And hey, if a workout routine feels far off, you might just want to wear these items as loungewear — we fully support that, too!

Read on to take a look at some of our favorite breastfeeding-friendly tank tops.

What to look for in a breastfeeding-compatible workout tank

There are a few details to consider when you’re in the market for a breastfeeding workout tank. Consider features such as:

  • discreetness and coverage (including strap thickness and shirt length)
  • support or a built-in bra
  • adjustable straps
  • nursing pad pockets
  • machine washable
  • breathability

Additionally, there are a few main types of breastfeeding tank tops. These include:

  • Clip-down straps. These tops have a clip on the strap. You can undo this snap in order to fold down the top panel. Often these tops come with a built-in bra.
  • Pull-down. These tank tops usually have a V-neck or crossover fabric so you can simply pull down the top.
  • Double-layer design. With this design, the top layer is mid-length so you can lift it up and pull down the bottom layer for breast access.

How we chose these breastfeeding-friendly workout tanks

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When you’re thinking about caring for a new baby, a new workout routine, and everything else in between, the last thing you want to do is spend too much time on wardrobe decisions.

We narrowed down your choices by researching the market, reading reviews, and taking advice from fitness bloggers. And many of our chosen brands feature female designers who created their products after noticing a lack of availability on the market.

ishonest Parenthood’s picks of the best breastfeeding-friendly workout tops

Belabumbum Luxe Nursing Tank

Price: $$This two-layered tank is the perfect option for easing back into your yoga practice. To breastfeed, the top layer moves to the side for easy access. However, there isn’t a built-in bra in this top, so you might need to layer it over a nursing bra.On the plus side, it’s stylish enough to wear on its own or layered under a cardigan or hoodie as you go about your post-yoga coffee date or errands.

Seraphine Maternity & Nursing Activewear Top

Price: $$This racerback double-layer tank allows you to easily breastfeed by simply moving the top layer to the side. It’s made with moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool and dry, which is key for sweaty activities like running.The design is fitted enough to stay close to your body during activity, yet it’s still a comfortable, relaxed fit. This is another top that doesn’t include a built-in bra, however.

Boob Classic Tank Top
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Price: $$The comfort of this organic cotton tank by Boob will give you the enthusiasm needed to build up your strength while looking cute as a button. The design features a built-in breastfeeding feature for easy and discreet feedings.It has an overlap across the chest that’s simple to use with one hand, freeing up your opposite hand to hold your wee one. The stylish tank also doubles as a perfect basic that you can use as a staple wardrobe item. Plus, mamas love that the entire Boob collection is made of sustainable materials.

Nursing Queen Padded Nursing Tank Top

Price: $$If you’re starting to ramp up into higher intensity workouts, you might need to ramp up your support, too. This top features nursing clips and a medium support shelf bra with sewn-in padding, which many women love for its extra coverage and absorbency.The high-quality cotton fabric is thick enough to offer a bit of coverage and support. And beyond the workout, this tank makes for a solid wardrobe staple, pairing easily with a maxi skirt or jeans as you run about town.

Bamboobies Seamless Nursing Tank

Price: $The beauty of this supportive breastfeeding tank lies in its simplicity. The seamless design features an unpadded shelf bra, nursing clasps, and drop- down cups so you can easily feed your baby. The length is on the long side, making it the perfect base garment if you want to add a shorter layer on top.The breathable bamboo viscose fabric helps you feel cool and dry, and the tank is fitted without being too tight so you’ll be able to move through your workout freely. Added bonus: Bamboobies uses renewable resources and recyclable packaging.

Boob B-Warmer Hoodie

Price: $$$+Cozy up with this comfy hoodie, complete with a kangaroo pocket. Made of sustainable, Global Organic Textile Standard-certified materials and plenty roomy, it’s designed to be worn during pregnancy and nursing.The design features a fleece-lined front overlap that keeps you warm and a horizontal nursing panel that makes breastfeeding a cinch. That is, so long as you’re set up for success in your bottom layer — there’s no built-in bra with this hoodie.

Peachymama Bamboo Nursing Tank

Price: $New mamas love the feel of this naturally cooling bamboo tank — and the price tag. Much like the Boob tank we mentioned earlier, this top has two adjustable layers that allow for quick feedings while keeping your bust and belly covered.The tank is fitted without being overly tight so you can go about your workouts with ease. A few reviewers recommend sizing up if you’d like a more generous fit. You can easily style this tank with all of your workout clothes or dress it up with a cute denim jacket for social occasions.

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