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With subreddits specifically for the skincare addicted or Asian beauty obsessed, there’s a wealth of hacks, hauls, and product recs at your disposal, no matter your mood or fancy—you just have to know where to look. Keep reading to find out which beauty subreddits have a permanent home on our feed.

The beauty junkies who contribute to this virtual community are some of the savviest we’ve ever seen—not to mention the product hauls are epic. For everything you ever wanted to know about Korean skincare, rubber masks, or the newest miracle ingredient from Japan, this is the place to be.

The folks at /r/CurlyHair changed our lives—or, okay, our hair. (Is there a difference?) But in all seriousness, if you had lost all hope for frizzy, undefined, and/or unruly waves or curls, check in here before you throw in the (microfiber) towel. You’ll be amazed at how effective the hair commandments of this forum can be.

Looking at shades and formulations online can only tell you so much about a product and what it claims to do. Redditors at /r/MakeupAddiction make it their mission to offer comprehensive, honest reviews (usually complete with images) to help remove much of that guesswork.

This forum is the ultimate in #hairspo for ladies with naturally textured locks, from tips on care and conditioning to amazing styling ideas.

This is THE destination for those who aim to be on the cutting edge of the next major niche brands and products. Expect to see names you’ve never heard before— and to find products that are so good you’ll want to keep them on the DL, too.

Consider this your WebMD for skin issues, without the crippling anxiety. In other words, name your symptoms or complexion problems, and these skin geniuses will have answers (and a corrective regimen) for you stat.

Are you the type of person who has a cabinet full of curative teas, another full of herbal tinctures and supplements, and a stash every type of essential oil under the sun? This online universe of alternative remedies is the place for you. Find out which natural methods will dry up that zit quickly, or learn tips for growing your own herbs at home.

Notice that your hair is shedding more than usual? Having trouble with a flaky scalp since you switched to a new shampoo? Find out what the deal is on this forum, which is chock-full of extremely helpful hair gurus who have seen (and experienced!) it all.

Sometimes product recommendations and tips aren’t the only things necessary for combating problem skin—a support system can also work wonders. This acne subreddit offers all the above.

This female-only thread is the place to go for all manner of #LadyProblems, from birth control recs to the latest in sustainable tampons. Bonus: You’ll also find things like dating advice and a heavy dose of girl power.

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