Beauty Products Our Favorite Celebs Always Reach for Come Fall

From refreshing toner to full-coverage concealer.

As things slow down and we prepare for the upcoming holidays, we're focusing on self-care, combating inevitable dry skin, and practicing festive makeup looks. And our favorite celebs are no different.

Much like the seasons, our beauty routines fluctuate, as do the regimens of our favorite stars and influencers. The only difference is that, when you're famous, you have unrestricted access to the best beauty treatments and products on the market to keep your complexion glowing, your hair lustrous, and your lifestyle healthy.

If you've ever wondered what items your favorite celebrities and social media personalities keep on their beauty counters, you've come to the right place. This fall, we spoke with a few household names to find out what products chart the top of their current beauty must-haves.

Ahead, learn about the beauty and wellness products that are helping them get through autumn.

Chloe x Halle

Singing sister duo, Chloe x Halle turn to Neutrogena for all their skincare needs. While Chloe says she applies the brand’s Hydro Boost Hydrating Serum ($23) every morning with a facial roller, Halle uses the Skin Perfecting Oily Skin Liquid Facial Exfoliant ($20) to keep her skin glowing without the fear of irritation.

Kaia Gerber

While Kaia Gerber uses YSL Beauty’s All Hours Foundation ($54) for year-long coverage, the model admits she turns to the brand’s Touche Éclat Highlighter Pen ($38) for the busy fall season to brighten her skin. “It’s the perfect pick-me- up if you’re feeling tired,” she explains to us exclusively. “It adds light to all the right parts of your face. It’s definitely my go-to.”

Khloé Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian praises Dose & Co's sustainably sourced collagen products, particularly the brand's Marine Collagen ($34), which is easily digested and absorbed by the body. "It is a staple in my wellness routine. Since I've started taking it, I've noticed such a difference in my hair, skin, and nails," she explains. "It's so easy to incorporate into my lemon water or coffee. I just add a scoop, and it mixes right in. Plus, it's great for the fall since it's formulated with Vitamin C for extra absorption and a boost of immunity."

Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton admits that although her music career has given her incredible opportunities to travel the world, there are times when her routine can get a little hectic. That’s when she turns to Uncle Bud’s CBD Topical Body Rub ($15) to alleviate body pains and aches caused by her busy schedule. “I put my wellbeing and health first and foremost,” the singer explains. “If I’m feeling extra indulgent, I also love Uncle Bud’s Hemp Face Masks ($16) because they’re not only portable but also ultra-hydrating, which helps to nourish and calm the skin.”

Jessica Alba

"My skin tends to be a little drier during this season as the weather starts to cool down and I begin to use heavier moisturizers," Jessica Alba tells us exclusively. "I love the Honest Beauty Skin Sweep Exfoliating Powder Cleanser ($22) because it exfoliates away dead and dry skin cells, yet it is gentle enough to use every day. It also includes Honest Sea Concentrate to help provide essential minerals to the skin. It's my go-to cleanser when I'm on the go."

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian swears by the Propolis Throat Spray ($14) to maintain her family's health. "This throat spray, you guys! This is what I use when my kids have sore throats, and it works amazing," the business mogul shares with ishonest exclusively. Seconding Kardashian's pick, actress Lily Collins shares that she also turns to the clean wellness brand to boost her immune system in the colder months.

Drew Barrymore

"I'm always chasing the latest and greatest beauty innovations, and I'm excited when I find something that feels like it actually improves my life," Drew Barrymore excitedly shares about the new Flower Beauty Jet Set Invisible Powder Spray ($14). "It's a setting powder in a spray format that instantly mattifies and sets makeup for an insanely beautiful, airbrushed look. I take with me wherever I go."

Kenzie Ziegler

As a busy teen, Kenzie Ziegler needs a skincare routine that's simple and concise. To keep her face naturally glowing, the singer and dancer turns to Bubble's Bounce Back Refreshing Toner ($12). "I love how it wakes up my skin when I need a quick refresh. It also has no harmful ingredients, so I can feel good about using it whenever I need it," she explains.

Jennifer Garner

Whenever Jennifer Garner is looking for cold weather-proof hair, the famed actress reaches for Virtue’s Healing Oil ($42). “It repaves each strand of your hair, leaving them stronger, bouncier, healthier, happier—all the Marcia Brady worthy attributes,” she shares with ishonest.

Keri Russell

Keri Russell swears that the Skin Effervescent Tablets ($45) by 8Greens is her "one-minute facial in a glass." While sharing her fall beauty must-have, the award-winning actress highlighted how the tablet easily dissolves in a cup of water to work wonders on dry and dull skin during the harsher weather. She explains, "they are the simplest way to get my greens on the go—and give my skin the hydration and glow."

Becky G

When building a beauty arsenal, nothing beats the convenience of a multi-use product. Becky G advocates for this simple concept and has fallen in love with the new Treslúce Beauty Ready To Bounce Cream Blush ($16) just in time for fall. "It's a 2-in-1 product, so not only can you use it on your cheeks—it's great for lips, too. The formula is super creamy with a velvety feel," the singer dishes.

Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain wants to start her day with a burst of energy, and coffee doesn't always cut it. For fall mornings, the social media influencer turns to the Bad Habit Wake Things Up Matcha & Mint Cleanser ($19) to give her skin a quick pick-me-up before diving into her busy schedule. "I'm obsessed with caffeine, so it's very on-brand for me to use a detoxifying cleanser with matcha in it. I love that it leaves my skin feeling completely clean but not stripped or dry. It's the perfect balance to prevent breakouts," she explains. Chamberlain also religiously uses the brand's Dewd Hemp Nourishing Facial Oil ($29) to leave her face hydrated and plump.

Desi Perkins

“As Fall approaches, the air starts getting drier. This is why I love Dew Me Over Continuous Mist ($34). It keeps my skin hydrated and my makeup flawless,” Desi Perkins explains while highlighting the benefits of the makeup must-have that also acts as a skincare product. “It preps your skin with efficacious skincare ingredients and sets your makeup for much longer wear.”

Millie Bobby Brown

“My favorite beauty products to use this fall are the No Drama Leave-In Detangling Spray ($19) and Mane Character Vibes Hair Mask ($19) from Florence By Mills,” actress Millie Bobby Brown shares. These hair products keep her hair flourishing in the harsher weather. “I want my hair to be soft, shiny, and healthy, and this duo makes maintenance and at-home care so easy. The hair mask is super hydrating and refreshing, while the detangling spray protects against breakage and split ends. My haircare routine isn’t complete if I don’t use the pair,” she adds.

Sona Gasparian

Persona Cosmetics is a go-to for those looking for cruelty-free and easy-to-use makeup. That's why professional makeup artist Sona Gasparian keeps her beauty bag filled with the brand known for purposeful makeup. "Fall is such a busy time of year, and I love a quick but effective solution to achieving that model- off-duty look without all the fuss. With the Swipe Up Brow Gel ($19), E-Balm In Gratitude ($22), and the DreamStick Collection ($26), my look is done in 3 minutes—and I don't even need a mirror."

Teyana Taylor

“I always felt like skincare brands never made sunblock with melanin skin in mind, but Urban Skin RX understood the assignment,” Teyana Taylor shares. The Sheerglow Even Tone Daily Defense Mineral Moisturizer SPF 30 ($34) is her go- to for year-round skin protection without the fear of chemicals. “For over 10 years, the brand worked on creating a 100% mineral, chemical-free sunblock for darker skin tones, and it was well worth the wait,” she adds.

Eva Gutowski

“I am obsessed with the Cleansing Duo ($45) from Coastal Citizen,” the MyLifeAsEva personality tells us about the gentle toner and terry cloth towel pad that she uses to refresh her skin when she’s on the go. “I love them because they leave my skin feeling moisturized, balanced, and fresh every time.”

Justine Skye

Melé was developed by dermatologists of color who understand the needs of melanin-rich skin, which is exactly why Justine Skye is a fan of the skincare brand. “I’ve been loving the Melé Even Dark Spot Control Serum ($26),” the singer shares with us. “While this product is great for all-year use, it’s the perfect addition to my fall routine as it helps get rid of stubborn, dark spots caused by the summer sun. Used with sunscreen, this serum will help you see dark spot improvement in no time–I know I have!”

Brittany Aldean

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“I’m obsessed with the new Dream Duo Concealer And Foundation Bundle ($50) from Hide. It makes getting ready in the morning so much quicker than before,” the social media influencer explains about the oil-free and incredibly lightweight 2-in-1. “It lasts all day and gives me the ultimate photo-ready look, which is a lifesaver when going from a photoshoot to picking up my kid from their friend’s house. The ultimate mom-approved foundation!”

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner knows the worth of having a bright smile, especially when she’s walking the runways of prestigious fashion houses. To achieve sparkly white teeth, the model turns to Moon's Platinum Teeth Whitening Pen ($30). “I love that I can easily pack it when I travel. It fits so conveniently in my makeup bag,” she explains to us.

Iskra Lawrence

With the temperatures dropping, Iskra Lawrence prioritizes her overall well- being, particularly her gut health. The British model explains, “I incorporate Activia products into my Fall wellness routine to help support my gut health. This influences the way I feel mentally, emotionally, and physically. My go- to product is the Strawberry Dailies Yogurt Drink ($4), which is a great way of getting my probiotics on the go!”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

"With the Rose Inc. Softlight Luminous Hydrating Concealer ($30), I've been able to completely cut foundation from my daily make­up routine," model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley reveals about her go-to for full coverage. "Once I buff it into my skin with a brush, my complex­ion looks brighter and smoother. However, it is completely bare. There's no trace of makeup—just smooth and radiant skin."

Yandy Smith

Yandy Smith loves sharing her favorite products on Amazon Live, which is why she was more than delighted to share her must-have beauty item for fall: UCANBE’s Pro Eyeshadow Palette ($22). She explains, “it is everything I need for a full glam face, whether it is day or night.”

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