Argireline for Anti-Aging: Benefits, Side Effects, and More

  • Understanding Argireline
  • How Safe Is Argireline?
  • Benefits Of Argireline For Your Skin
  • Are There Any Side Effects Of Argireline?
  • How To Use Argireline

Understanding Argireline

Argireline is commonly known as ‘Botox in a bottle’ because it mimics the function of botulinum toxin, the substance that Botox is made of. But, unlike Botox, it does not need to be administered via a needle or a skilled physician. It is a topical formulation, so it can be applied to the areas of concern by the user itself.

Argireline is actually a synthetic peptide that is chemically called acetyl hexapeptide-8. This is great because peptides help build the proteins that are needed by the skin to keep it supple and healthy (1).

With age, people get lines around the mouth – the area where they frown – and around the eyes. Argireline peptides work by inhibiting this movement of muscles for facial expressions, similar to Botox. The solution relaxes the area, therefore decreasing the formation of wrinkles.

Botox is done by needle because the formulation needs to penetrate the upper layer of skin and offer a more prolonged and effective result. Argireline solutions, on the other hand, have a much lower ability to get absorbed deep within the skin to give you Botox’s level of result (2).

So, Argireline is as effective as Botox in reducing wrinkles and lines without the hassle of needles. But, is it safe to use? Find out below.

How Safe Is Argireline?

The safety of cosmetic ingredients is determined through extensive testing, multiple studies, and reviews over the years. Argireline, being a relatively new substance in the market, needs more research to support the claims of it having no adverse effects.

A study has found that it is non-toxic and serves as a bio-safe alternative to botulinum (Botox) neurotoxins (3). As is the case with any product, Argireline in large doses may affect your health but is shown to cause no harm in small concentrations.

While current studies state that Argreline in skin care is safe to use, there is no information about its long-term effects as it was first used in the 2000s. So, be sure to do your research and ask your dermatologist for their recommendation.

Products that contain Argireline are said to slow down the signs of aging. Additionally, the solution can also help your skin in other ways. Read on to learn about the other benefits of Argireline.

Benefits Of Argireline For Your Skin

1. Fades Wrinkles

As you age, your facial movements and expressions start causing lines and wrinkles on your face. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles is a major function of Argireline in skincare. Studies have found that people using Argireline twice a day for 40 days have noticed up to a 48% decrease in their wrinkles (2).

2. Boosts Collagen Production

Collagen is essential for the skin as it keeps it supple and makes it stretch. This protein also forms a network within the skin on which new cells can grow. Collagen also helps repair the skin by replacing the dead cells.

A study conducted in China found that using Argireline twice a day for 6 weeks increased the number of collagen fibers in the participants’ skin (592/' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer' >4). You can use collagen products or undergo certain procedures to get your skin to produce these collagen fibers (5).

Note that studies are still limited due to the novelty of Argireline, and more research is needed to further back this ingredient’s ability to increase collagen.

3. Hydrates The Skin

Hydration is key when it comes to preventing premature aging. The skin has certain substances that help hold on to water, giving it a plump and refreshed look. But with age and certain factors, these molecules diminish and decrease the moisturizing ability of the skin. So, over time, wrinkles begin to form (6).

Argireline can tone and improve the moisturizing function of the skin. Argireline can work along with the other skin care ingredients you use to support moisturization (7).

So, you can see that Argireline plays an integral role when it comes to anti- aging. But, are there any side effects of this new ingredient? Read the next section to know more.

How To Use Argireline

Each product comes with specific instructions on how to use it. Keep these pointers in mind when applying them.

Type Of Solution

First, identify what kind of Argireline solution you are using. Is it oil-based or water-based? Determining this can help you know at what point in your routine you should apply it.

Water-based solutions mostly use water and hyaluronic acid as their base and penetrate the skin easily. Oil-based serums use oils as their base, making them occlusive in nature. This means that they create a seal around the skin and do not allow moisture to escape. But, this also prevents penetration of any other ingredient applied over it.

To make sure that most of the Argireline serum you apply is absorbed, it is best that you choose a water-based solution. You can use it before or after other water-based solutions and only before any cream or oil.

Ingredients Or Products It May Interact With

It is generally considered best not to mix acids with peptides as they may reduce the efficacy of peptides. Certain ingredients require a particular pH for the skin, which is a measure of how alkaline or acidic a product is. Certain acids can change the pH of the skin and neutralize the effect of Argireline. It can also damage your skin’s barrier. This is more of a preventative measure, so it is best to clarify with a dermatologist.

The Application

Apply Argireline directly onto the problem areas, rather than taking it on your hand and then transferring it to your face. Dab it on your skin (e.g., around the eyes, the forehead, the crease between the eyes) like a spot treatment.

Aid From Tools

The one place that Argireline fails is its permeability. Since it is a topical treatment, to achieve the best results, you have to ensure that it properly penetrates your skin and goes deep. For this, you may use various tools like electroporation and micro-needling tools to push the product deep into your skin.

Micro-needling comes with added benefits of stimulating more collagen and improving the overall appearance of your skin (2). However, it runs the risk of skin damage and infection in case you are not careful.

A non-invasive alternative can be electroporation via micro-current devices. These work by delivering tiny currents to the skin to make it firm. The currents can also direct the product into the target area, increasing its ability to get absorbed by the skin (8).

Closing Thoughts

Argireline has been gaining immense popularity in the past years for its remarkable ability to replicate the effects of Botox without its complications. If you have been noticing wrinkles due to aging, you can try out this topical Botox in a bottle. But, consult a dermatologist before you start using it.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Can I use Argireline all over the face and neck?

Yes, you can apply some Argireline face cream wherever you spot lines on your face and neck.

Is it okay to use Argireline with glycolic acid and vitamin C?

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that can lower the efficacy of Argireline, so it is not recommended to use those two products together. However, it works well with vitamin C.

What would you recommend for fine lines under the eyes?

You may use The Ordinary Argireline Solution 10% Lightweight Serum or Instantly Ageless’s ‘Facelift in A Box’ to reduce fine lines under the eyes.

Would you recommend using The Ordinary Buffet all over the face and Argireline on the forehead and eye area?

The Ordinary Buffet and The Ordinary Argireline are both peptide serums with similar effects, so you may choose either one to apply to your face.

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