All The 2021 Halloween Make-Up Inspiration You Need RN

Read on to discover our pick of the most mesmerising and totally extra make-up looks for Halloween 2021. We've got looks ranging from Squid Game to Poison Ivy, so there's bound to be something for everyone...

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Squid Game is set to become Netflix's most streamed show ever, and it just so happens that the show. is. creepy. This clever makeup look copies the words on the signature Squid Game card that participants in the game are given when they first join. This look is strangely chic, and won't take you hours to complete, either.

The most sophisticated Cruella you ever did see? We think so. Remember to get a root touch-up spray (in silver, black or both) for an easy, temporary hair colour change.

Ok, not the scariest, but perhaps the prettiest. Go for a blown out smoky eye and incorporate some green; run your darkest blusher on your eyebrows for some red, and add some foliage to complete the Poison Ivy look.

This Mean Girls look is terrifyingly cute. It's also, probably, the most practical. Chances are, you've got these shades lying around in your make-up bag already. No last minute trips to Boots necessary...

The Best Halloween Makeup Ideas 2021

Joe Exotic's legacy will never die. Take your cue from @abbyroberts and transform yourself into the Tiger King this Halloween.

To recreate Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (before she turns into a giant blueberry), experiment with pink and purple pigments. Visit @thelittlebarbie for a breakdown of the look here.

Granted, a cat is a bit of a cop out when it comes to fancy dress, but if you're short of time it's an easy solution. All you need is a liquid black liner and a pair of ears and you're good to go. To take it up a notch, add some metallic glitter across the lids.

No Halloween costume? Don't sweat. This pumpkin face is a definite head turner and can be paired with a simple black ensemble. Layer on the orange face paint, followed by soft vertical lines and finish with matte black lips and eyes for a pop of drama.

A long plait, some netting and lots of blue glitter will instantly transform you into a mystical mermaid creature.

If you're not one to go full frontal with Halloween makeup, try a spooky spider eye instead. The trick here is to use different textures of black to bring those spindly legs to life. Layer liquid liner over a kohl pencil and keep the rest of your makeup pared back and simple.

Get ready to impress with this beautiful devil creation from make-up artist Lisa Potter Dixon. To recreate the look, follow her tutorial on YouTube. She'll talk you through step-by-step on how to perfect the devil - it may take a little while to master, but the results are SO worth it.

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