Our Responsibility

Preventing waste is better than treating or cleaning up waste after it’s created. Our production processes are non-toxic and sustainable, built on the principles of green chemistry. It’s a closed-loop, renewable process that creates no waste.


The way our ingredients grow and harvest is just as important as their quality. We seek fair trade, sustainable sources for most of our ingredients, from non-GMO to cruelty-free to vegan-friendly. We strive to exclude undesirable ingredients in our products. Respecting the environment and protecting ecosystems is central to empowering sustainable natural beauty.


We use green and biodegradable processes. Our ingredients are biodegradable, renewable, and sometimes edible. Ultimately, we believe in responsible science for responsible beauty.


From our laboratory to you, we hold social and environmental responsibility to the highest regard every step of the way. Our products are packed and shipped in eco-friendly, recyclable, and certified sustainable materials.