Being Honest

Our ethos shapes who we are, what we do, and how we do things. We ultimately aim to make the world a more positive place by fostering a culture for purposeful skincare. We drive our creations by three fundamental values.

Scientific Values

Our scientists do not follow any claims or myths associated with ingredient efficacy on skin health. They study and validate each ingredient through experiments, tests, and analysis. Our formulations contain ingredients with scientifically verified efficacious performance.

Green Chemistry

There is an optimal alchemy between science and nature. We believe in nature’s gentle power. And ingredients in our products are meticulously selected from the most potent natural sources for their innate energy and ability to regenerate skin cells to enhance longevity and ensure healthy, radiant skin.

Beauty is a Fundamental Right

First, we discover formulations, based on scientific facts, and then we find a price, sustainable for us and our suppliers. That is why we cannot offer all products in a specific price segment, like mass, masstige or luxury. We believe that beauty is a fundamental right and we should price beauty products for their scientific value and quality only.