Homemade Braces to Straighten Teeth are Not a Good Idea

Homemade braces might sound like a convenient and affordable way to straighten your teeth. Unfortunately, using household objects in an attempt to straighten teeth can cause serious and irreversible damage. However, there are professional at-home teeth straightening methods that are both safe and effective.

The Problem With DIY Teeth Straightening

The internet is flooded with videos that make DIY teeth straightening seem like an easy fix. These videos usually show you how to make braces with household objects like rubber bands, paper clips, and dental floss. They might also instruct you to bite on pencils or push on your teeth with your fingers. However, these non-professional recommendations can lead to irreparable damage.

“DIY teeth straightening methods are beyond dangerous,” Mahnaz Rashti, DDS, a periodontist in Beverly Hills, tells ishonest Connect to Care. “The rubber bands that are used can apply too much pressure on the teeth, causing them to fall out and also damage the gums. Additionally, foreign objects are being placed in the mouth, which can allow for germs and bacteria to take over and cause infections.”

Safer Alternatives That Don’t Require Frequent Orthodontist Visits

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If you are looking for time-saving and less-visible ways to straighten teeth, invisible dental aligners could be right for you. These devices are thin, clear plastic or acrylic trays that fit over your teeth while exerting pressure to gently straighten them.

Invisible aligners are a popular choice for those who don’t want braces or the frequent trips to the orthodontist that braces require. Additionally, “a benefit of aligners is that they do not require frequent repairs like braces, which break often,” Rashti says.

A reputable online invisible aligner program will provide you with devices cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and professional supervision by a dentist or orthodontist. These are two major safety factors that distinguish aligners from unsafe DIY teeth-straightening practices.

With an online program, you’ll typically receive everything that you need to both begin and complete your treatment in the mail. After sending in your impressions, dental professionals will create your straightening plan and you’ll check in with them periodically from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll receive a series of aligners that you’ll wear in succession to complete the gradual straightening or re-alignment process. With a good online aligner program, you’ll enjoy the at-home nature of your straightening procedure, while periodic check-ins will also keep you safe.

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The best method to straighten your teeth will depend on the type and severity of your teeth misalignment and your lifestyle. Many online aligner providers offer quick questionnaires to help you determine whether they’re right for you.

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