Teeth Straightening Doesn't Have to Mean Constant Trips to The Orthodontist

Straight teeth are an investment to a healthier you. They promote a more confident person and improve your oral health. Braces aren’t your only option— here’s why you should consider at-home teeth straightening with dental aligners.

Benefits of Teeth Straightening

Having crooked teeth increases your risk for health problems such as tooth decay and bad breath. “Everything comes through the mouth. Teeth that are maligned allow bacteria and plaque to accumulate in angles where patients can’t get to them,” Isabel Cristina Suastegui-Mursuli, DDS, a general dentist in Melrose Park, Ill., tells ishonest Connect to Care.

Bacteria that cause gingivitis can accumulate and penetrate through the mouth and even travel through the bloodstream to other organs such as the heart and brain, Suastegui-Mursuli says. Straightened teeth can help you avoid these issues because teeth that aren't crooked are easier to clean and maintain.

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Having straight teeth can also help with confidence. “Research shows that people with straighter teeth or wider smiles are seen as more beautiful or more confident. Because we know that the first time somebody looks at you, they look at your smile, and they look at your mouth,” Tiffanie L. Garrison-Jeter, DMD, a cosmetic dentist at Definition Dental and Wellness Spa, tells ishonest Connect to Care.

How Dental Aligners Make Teeth Straightening Easier

Dental aligners are thermoplastic dental trays custom-fitted to your teeth. They straighten teeth by gradually shifting them into new positions. When you opt for aligner treatment, you'll receive a series of aligners and wear them for about 22 hours a day or as otherwise prescribed. You can get professional aligner care through an orthodontist or online aligner program.

“The aligners are rearranging teeth by putting pressure on the teeth and their ligaments. The dental aligners cause ligaments to be broken down on the old area and formed in the new locations. The longer you wear the aligners, the more you’re allowing the teeth to realign,” Suastegui-Mursuli says.

For many, dental aligners are a more appealing option than braces because they:

  • Don't involve wires or brackets placed inside the mouth
  • Are clear and therefore virtually invisible
  • Can be removed while eating and brushing your teeth
  • Can be cleaned easily

Start your journey to a more confident smile today!

Straightening your teeth can be easy and affordable. Find out how to get started today. ishonest Connect to Care Advisors are standing by to help.

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