Does My Hair Need a Metal Detox?

If youve got your finger on the wellness pulse, you test your heavy metal levels at least yearly. You dont need to be a celery-drinking, crystal-toting health fanatic to know that, whether through diet or environmental factors, the body retains heavy metals that medical practitioners say can cause health ailments like excessive lethargy, headaches, and allergies. The hair also retains metal buildup through regular washings (not to mention foils from highlights and straightening chemicals, too)there are, no doubt, a certain level of metals in your water. (The amount of heavy metal buildup on your hair varies geographically; for instance, London is amazing for hair limestone- rich, less metal depositswhile Los Angeles is nothing short of a healthy hair nemesis, due to added ammonia and chlorine. And who knows how much self-tanner has seeped into the water from Malibu?) This metal residue will also cause your hair color to grow dull or green-ish, and can lead to damage. Recognizing the metal buildup is one thinggetting rid of it is another.

Metals are everywhere, including toxic heavy metals that are in most of our daily products: aluminum cans, cookware, foil, pipes, water, even foods, says Philip B, the veteran hair maven that counts the Rolling Stones, Nicole Kidman, and Gwyneth Paltrow as fans. Once metals are in our system or on our tissues or hair, they are stationary unless we work to remove them. Our bodies are designed to specifically filter and eliminate heavy metals along with other bacteria, viruses, and toxins. But if the amount exceeds our normal filtration systemwe are overloaded. Those heavy metals can oxidize and cause inflammation, which can leave our body susceptible to a host of other damages. Once the cellular team of defenses spends too much time constantly fighting off chronic inflammation, is when we are most vulnerable to illness.

There are several excellent purifying hair solutions on the market to help detoxify your hair and scalp. Below are a handful of our favorite products that promise to remove and balance your hairs metal levelsso the next time you decide to order a second spicy tuna roll, you can reason that your hair metal levels, at least, are under control.

The L.A.-based hair guru Philip B has two products that work in tandem to help purify the hair and remove unwanted metals. Listen, some metals are okay for the hair, and are beneficial, he explains. Some are found naturally in our hair pigments or skin cells. And while long-term, outside copper is in and of itself potentially bad as it oxidizes, the peptides from copper are extremely important for scalp and skin. They will attract copper from your body, enabling both repair and future protection from damage. The danger we are talking about is prolonged exposure to the presence of heavy metal toxicity such as mercury, lead, aluminum, copper, arsenic, and even nickel. Since metal deposits over time can be dangerous, we can use our skin, scalp, and hair to open, draw out, and allow the metals to slide out in the process. Its necessary to use products that open the cuticle, Philip B explains. The Rejuvenating Oil I developed helps in this instance precisely. Key essential and carrier and oils are incredibly beneficial and help tremendously during the detoxification process. My rejuvenating blend supports the natural detoxification of metals with lavender, geranium, ylang-ylang, and orange peel. Because of the porosity of the keratin protein structure of our hair when heated, the cuticle will open, and the oils will attract and eliminate all the unwanted guests literally getting them to slide out of the cuticle.

I would follow the oil with Peppermint Avocado Shampoo, because its a super clarifying combination, Philip B continues. The botanicals and deep cleansing oils further attract and attach to toxins. There are 16 plant extracts including peppermint, lavender, jojoba, and juniper working to lift from both the scalps surface and the keratin protein strands. Then, add water and lather up; this will help clear away the metals, excess sebum/scalp oils, debris, environmental pollutants, pathogens, and product residue to get your hair and scalp superclean without stripping.

When applied for the correct amount of time, this product leaves your hair remarkably lustrous and soft to the touch. To prove its efficacy, LOrals system underwent 102 instrumental tests in the labs with LOral Professionnel scientists, as well as over 1000 tests that were performed by professionals on real clients to verify results. The at-home hydrating two-step shampoo, along with the hydrating mask sold as a duo, were specifically created to detoxify hair and neutralize the metals trapped inside the hair fibers to protect the richness of your hair color, while keeping it soft and nourished.

This product is a consistent go-to for colorist Min Kim, who lauds it as the best support system for my go-to blonding products. My clients immediately feel and see the difference after one in-salon pre-treatment service; the results are so impactful and instant they want to maintain the benefits at home with the Metal Detox Shampoo and Mask. It is recommended to use the Metal Detox Shampoo and Mask with each wash for the two weeks following your in-salon hair color and pre-treatment. After two weeks, you can tailor your wash routine to your hair needs and use 1-2 times per week.